How to Get keywords to Top Search Results 2022

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Description: 2022 Google Planner Tool A great free tool from Google where you can find keywords to be able to top the search results. Let's get to know her up c
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How to Get keywords to Top Search Results 2022
How to Get keywords to Top Search Results 2022

Google Planner Tool 2022

A great free tool from Google where you can find keywords to be able to top the search results. Let's get to know her up close.

Many website owners face problems in identifying and finding the keywords for their articles, which are the golden key to getting higher in Google search results.

Some write articles without paying any attention to keywords, as this is a huge mistake, and your trouble can go to waste, because of a few letters or incorrect order of sentences.

Therefore, it is very important to follow the right keywords that have a good amount of search, and then target them to be able to top the search results or even appear in the first 10 articles.

In this regard, Google offers a unique and exclusive tool that helps website owners to determine the keywords for their future articles, which is the Google Planner tool.

In this article, we will talk about how to use the Google Planner tool correctly, and how to find and target keywords with good search rates.

What is The Google Planner Tool?

Google Planner or Google Keyword Planner - is a free tool provided by “Google” company that helps webmasters identify keywords, which they can target and enables them to obtain information about these keywords.

Basically this tool was created to help advertisers identify and target keywords in their ads, but it is also good for finding keywords and keywords for writing articles.

How to Register in The Google Planner Tool?

It is known that any Google tool or service works with a Gmail account, that is, to be able to use the Google Planner tool, you must create an account on “Gmail”, as we will not go into the details of creating an account, since everyone has enough knowledge to create an email on "G mail".

The second step, is to go to the tool’s website via the following link, where you will be directed to the main page of the tool, click on the “Go to Keyword Planner” option.

  • You will be offered to create a new account in “Google Ads”, click on “New Account on “GOOGLE Ads”.
  • Note: The following steps are mandatory to create the account, where you can choose any option to access the keyword selection page, so we have to adjust the settings for a “new ad campaign”.
  • The next step, choosing the main advertising objective, you can choose “Attract more traffic to your store”, and then click on “Next”.
  • Now you have to choose a name for your business, you can type anything, for example “your site name”, and click on “Next”.
  • Now it's time to place your website link, enter the homepage link.
  • Then your website will be scanned and more information about your business will be obtained, then you must choose the mobile or desktop version of the site to direct traffic to. We remind you that these steps are necessary to obtain an advertising account.
  • The next step is to write an advertisement. Here you can write anything (see the picture below what we wrote).
  • The next step is to choose key topics to match your ad with searches, here Google has selected the keywords by itself, just click Next.
  • Now choose where to display the ad, choose any country (in our example, we chose Saudi Arabia), and then “Next”.
  • Now you need to choose the most appropriate account currency and budget (choose the currency of the country you live in).
  • On the next page, Google will show you your advertising campaign to make sure it is correct and well reviewed. Here just click on “Next”.
  • In the next step, you must fill out the “Confirm Payment Information” form by choosing the billing country (your country), do not be afraid, no money will be deducted now, and click on “CONTINUE”.
  • Now that you have a full account and ready to go, we can now move on to the practical section of the article, which is to find keywords with the help of Google Planner Tool.
  • Note: Google Planner does not support all countries of the world, so if you do not find your country, this means that the tool does not support it (including Syria, Russia, and some other countries).

How to Work With Google Planner Tool?

After completing the previous operations, you will be directed to the Google Ads homepage, where you have to click on the “Tools and Settings” option, and in the “Planning” section choose “Keyword Planning Tool”, as shown in the image below:

Then you will be directed to the main page, which contains two sections, the first is to discover new keywords (which is the section we will work on) and the second section is to see the search volume and expectations, click on the first section.

When you click on the “Discover new keywords” section, a new page will appear containing the following:

  • Keyword search box. It is the place where you must enter the keywords that you want to get information about (you can type more than one keyword)
  • target language. Here you must select the language you want to target (English in our case)
  • target country. Here you have to choose the country you want to target (eg Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc.) or you can delete all countries so that the results are shown in all countries of the world.
  • Enter a range to use as a filter. Here you can put a website link to be searched only for keywords.

As An Example of Using The Google Planner Tool, We Will Search for The Word “Create a Blog”.

  • Target keyword create a blog
  • The target language is English
  • Target countries All countries
  • Google search networks

After choosing the target language and countries, typing the keyword in the search box, we click on “Get results”, where a table will appear containing the following:

  • Keyword (as per relevance). All keywords related to the keyword you searched for (these are new ideas that you can use as you write the article) will appear in this field.
  • Average monthly searches. Here you will find the number of monthly searches for the keyword (we recommend choosing words with at least 1000 monthly searches).
  • The competition. This field is not of interest to us as site owners, but rather this information for advertisers who want to promote with this keyword.
  • Ad impressions. Also, these fields are of interest to advertisers, not website owners
  • Display the ad impression price at the top of the page. Here is the price-per-click for the ad targeting this keyword

In our example here, we got about 116 keywords from one word, which can be used within the article or to elicit new ideas for future articles.

The places you should pay attention to while searching for a keyword targeting English and language are marked.

Best Alternatives to Google Planner Google Keyword Planner

Some people are facing problems with Google Planner (Google Keyword Planner), because it does not work in some countries, so they resort to looking for alternatives that provide the same results.

Here we will show you the most powerful and best alternatives to the Google Keyword Planner tool, that can help you get good keywords.

Long Tail Pro

It is one of the best alternatives to Google Planner, and it can work on Windows and Mac, and it performs all the functions of Google Planner in terms of finding keywords.

The only negative is that the app isn't free, as there is a 10-day trial for $1, which lets you decide whether you really want to buy the paid plan or not and keep working on the tool.

There is no limited number of keywords that you want to search for, know their strength, the number of times they are searched in search engines, and many other indicators.

SEMrush Tool

Another great tool for keyword research, in addition to the ability to spy on competitors and find out what keywords they are targeting.

The tool provides several indicators for keywords, including monthly search times, number of results, and cost-per-click, in addition to providing similar keywords.

The tool can be used for free, but with some restrictions, and there are paid packages to get all the features of the tool.

SpyFu . Tool

It is similar to the previous tool, but the only difference is that it does not require registration for keywords, and it is a great alternative to the Google Planner tool.

It can get search volume for both local and global keywords, CTR, CPC and related keywords.

It is worth noting that the free version is limited to only 5 keywords, but a large number can be obtained by registering on the site.

Move to Tool

Moz . Tool

The Moz platform offers many free tools to users, including finding keywords, and it can also track the order of articles for targeted keywords on a weekly basis.

The platform also provides a comparison of your site's ranking with competitors in more than 200 countries.

Keyword Tool Pro

This tool helps users to find keywords for their websites that have few competitors and high search volume.

The tool also uses Google's automatic suggestions feature to provide you with the most searched keywords that usually don't appear in other tools, as well as providing you with suggested keywords on YouTube, Bing, and Amazon, giving you a huge selection of keywords.

Term Explorer platform

It has a number of features and characteristics, and it can be a good alternative to Google Planner, where you can find the most profitable keywords.

Through the free version, you can search for 5 keywords, after which you must subscribe to the paid version.

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