How to Hack and Spy on WhatsApp Conversations.. and What Are The Methods of Protection


How to Hack and Spy on WhatsApp Conversations.. and What Are The Methods of Protection

Many are wondering if anyone can enter and spy on WhatsApp conversations, in this article we will explain to you what are the common ways to spy on WhatsApp conversations, and what are the methods of protection.

How do hackers get access to Your Conversations?

First, you should know that there is a difference between hacking and fraud

Hacking: is to access your conversations without ever touching your phone, but in malicious ways that lure you into the trap, for example, a link injected with malicious code that you click on as a link to earn money or perhaps earn game credit, after clicking on it, your phone will execute these codes behind Behind the scenes to open many windows for the hacker to enter your phone and get all your information and it is the most common phenomenon.

Fraud: is accessing your conversations by holding your phone, for a few minutes, and entering the WhatsApp Web feature in the “WhatsApp” application on your phone, and then the hacker opens the “WhatsApp Web” website on his phone or computer and copies the code, to be able to See all your conversations, sent and received photos, so he can send messages and see all your contacts.

How Do I Protect Myself From Spying?

You should avoid clicking on any untrusted link, such as earn internet credit, or earn game credit, as the saying goes, “There is no smoke without fire.” Second, do not give your phone to unreliable people.

Avoid downloading applications from outside the “Google Play Store” The application may be injected with malicious code that enables the hacker to gain full access to your phone.

Steps to Make sure You're Not Hacked

The first step: Enter the WhatsApp application, and then click on the “three dots” at the top left, and then click on “Linked Devices.” If there are connected devices, it appears below that there is a connected device, click on it and then click Logout.

If this section does not appear, it means that your WhatsApp is scam safe.

Step 2: To make sure that WhatsApp or your phone is not hacked, monitor your phone’s movements in the background, such as monitoring the phone battery, when the battery condition is good and suddenly you see an unnoticeable drop in the battery percentage, know that there are things happening in the background such as sending and receiving data and files in your phone.

Or when you notice that your internet package is consumed in a significant and noticeable way by a malicious application or system, this also indicates that you are hacked and your data is being pulled or exploited.