Steps to Make Pickled Lemon Pickle At Home With Simple Ingredients 2022

Steps to Make Pickled Lemon Pickle At Home With Simple Ingredients 2022
Lemon Pickle


Lemon pickle is one of the appetizers that is always present on the dining table of the Egyptian family, and it is more popular among the rest of the types of pickles such as turnip pickles, cucumber pickles, eggplant and carrots to the last. And through this article, we will learn about the ingredients and steps for making lemon pickle at home.

Lemon pickle ingredients

A kilo of lemon.

Corn oil or olive oil half a cup.

Two tablespoons of cumin.

Garlic four cloves.

Half a cup of salt.

Six pods of red and green chili peppers.

Water according to the quantity.

Turmeric two tablespoons.

A little black bean.

How to Prepare Pickled Lemon

  • Through these steps, we will learn how to prepare lemon pickle, as follows:
  • The lemon should be washed well, then in a large pot, put the lemon on the fire until it boils for 15 minutes.
  • Then we filter the lemon from the water.
  • Then we start preparing the pickled lemon marinade, cut the red pepper and hot green pepper into rings.
  • Then add the garlic cut into rings with turmeric and stir the mixture until the ingredients are well combined.
  • Then we stuff the lemon with the seasoning, then we put the lemon in a jar of pickles.
  • Then we dissolve the salt in the water well, stirring until the salt disappears completely.
  • Then we pour the water and salt into the pickled jar, and we also add the black bean.
  • And then add corn oil or olive oil, according to what is on the lemon in the jar.
  • Then the pickled jar must be closed well.
  • Thus, the lemon is left for a period of between one to two weeks, until the pickled lemon becomes edible and there is a thousand here for everyone.