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What is Google Analytics 2022 "NEW"

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

What is Google Analytics 2022 "NEW"
Google Analytics 


Google Analytics is a useful tool owned by Google, whose name describes well as web analytics, which translates to providing aggregate information that travels on websites and categorizes them according to audience, acquisition, behavior, and conversions they perform in the web world.

Why use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics 2022

It allows to obtain reports, such as tracking and performance of a particular user segment, campaigns and results of online marketing, content visited, in short, a set of information related to marketing in general in the web world. Google Analytics based on the purchase of Urchin from Google (the largest web page analytics company)

Google Analytics, in addition to letting you measure sales, gives you general information about how visitors use and how they get to your site, giving you the advantage of applying marketing techniques to keep them visiting.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Features

Analysis tools: Complete and easy-to-interpret reports, allowing you to get relevant information to customize your reports with a single click. Content Analytics: This indicator gives you information regarding the performance and popularity of certain pages. Social Network Analytics: This tool allows you to measure the success of your ads on social networks, as well as the ability to analyze the interaction of those who visit your site. Conversion Analytics: Allows you to measure the number of customers you are attracting or attracting. Ad Analytics: allows you to take full advantage of your ads, as it informs you of the performance of your ads, in different destinations (social, mobile, search), allowing you to apply marketing techniques that you deem necessary to promote and improve your ads.

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