What is Laser Rhinoplasty? in Detail

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Description: Beauty has multiple criteria, and one of the criteria that many agree upon when talking about the beauty of the face is the beauty of the nose and its
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What is Laser Rhinoplasty? in Detail


Beauty has multiple criteria, and one of the criteria that many agree upon when talking about the beauty of the face is the beauty of the nose and its consistency with the rest of the face in accurate proportions and proportional sizes to each other.

But some may suffer from a problem that may disturb this beautiful image when they have an increase in the size of the nose tip, which makes them want to reduce the nose tip to achieve the required proportion and consistency.

In this article, we will discuss the nose nose reduction process in some detail, in addition to some important information about the Laser Rhinoplasty Technique and other techniques.

About The Nose Nose Reduction Surgery

Doctors perform the bunion nose reduction surgery in both surgical and non-surgical ways, and the way it works depends on more than one choice, such as removing parts of the nasal cartilage, correcting the internal structure of the nose, or using external materials to reduce the bunion without surgery.

How to Prepare for a Bunion Rhinoplasty?

There Are Important Steps That Must be Taken in Order to Prepare for The Operation, and They Include The Following:

  • Discussing the medical history: The medical history should be discussed with the doctor and told whether any surgical or therapeutic procedures were done in the nose before.
  • Examination: The doctor conducts a comprehensive examination of the patient before the operation, and may ask him to perform some necessary tests or x-rays.
  • Nose picture: The doctor may ask to take more than one picture of the patient's nose at different angles using the computer, so that he can visualize the current position of the nose and plan the new position using the pictures first.

After that, the date of the operation is set to be carried out with the steps that we will explain in the next paragraph.

The Steps of The Nose Reduction Process

Here Are The Steps to Perform The Operation:

First: The Anesthesia Stage

It is either general or local anesthesia, and the doctor determines the use of whichever according to the patient's condition and the degree of simplicity or complexity of the operation.

Second: Determine The Method of Operation

There are two well-known ways to reduce the bunion nose, either the closed surgery method when simple adjustments are needed in the nose, and in this type of surgery simple incisions are made through the nostrils, and this type is preferred in simple surgeries that do not require external incisions in the nose and thus can be Avoid scars on the skin.

As for the second method, it is called open surgery, which doctors resort to in cases of complex surgeries that require deep surgical incisions in the nose from the top in order to reduce the bunion in an accurate way.

Third: Make Adjustments

After determining the method of the operation, the doctor makes the required adjustments until we reach the final result of the shape of the nose after reducing the tip of the nose, and this stage requires skilled hands and is characterized by experience in dealing with such a delicate surgery.

Fourth: The Last Step

The last step of the operation is to close the surgical incisions, and this step should also be done very carefully so that the operation does not leave scars on the face that cause unwanted aesthetic problems.

After that, the patient enters the recovery room to get rid of the effects of the anesthetic.

Laser Bunion Reduction

Although laser technology is widely used in cosmetic surgeries, its use in laser bunion reduction operations is limited to certain cases only, and the laser may be used to make external incisions only in the process, but research continues with the aim of exploiting this unique and distinctive technology in operations Rhinoplasty extensively.

Advantages and Disadvantages of The Nose Job Reduction

As for The Advantages of The Process, They Include:

  • That the person has a smaller and more beautiful nose shape.
  • Achieving the desired aesthetic balance in facial features.
  • Treat breathing problems, if any.
  • It does not take long unlike other complex cosmetic procedures.
  • Get rid of any curvature or curvature in the tip of the nose.

As for the defects and risks of the operation, some of them are possible after any surgery, such as bleeding, infection, or an undesirable effect of the drug. The risks can be avoided if the doctor takes all the necessary precautions before, during and after the operation.

The cost of Bunion Rhinoplasty in America 

The Total Cost of The Operation Consists of a Number of Different Elements That Have a Role in The Success of The Operation, Such As:

  • The cost of the surgeon performing the operation.
  • Anesthesiologist cost.
  • Open the operating room.
  • The duration of the operation and the duration of medical follow-up after it.
  • The cost of medical supplies used.

There are also factors that affect the price of the operation from one place to another, such as the doctor’s experience, the level of the medical service, the level of the place, and other factors, but on average, the price of the operation in America may start from about $250 or more, depending on the mentioned factors.

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