Dread of Sleep and Feeling of Death

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Description: Fear of sleep and a feeling of death is one of the recurring problems for some people that disturb them a lot and cause them to fear and panic, and th
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Dread of Sleep and Feeling of Death
Dread of Sleep and Feeling of Death

Fear of sleep and a feeling of death is one of the recurring problems for some people that disturb them a lot and cause them to fear and panic, and they cannot get a peaceful sleep because of that, and although this has no specific scientific reasons, but we will try to work hard and put some possible reasons for that through our next paragraphs as we have promised you Through our platform, we shed light on the most prominent things that you may need to search for, and we will know what that feeling is, and we will list some supplications and remembrances that calm the heart and remove fear and anxiety from it, God willing.

Dread of Sleep and Feeling of Death

It is one of the rare problems that affects women more than men, and the proportion of infected people is about 10-15% of the total population of the world.

  • It is also common in the elderly and is called false hallucinations in the medical community, and the severity of its symptoms varies from one to the other, a condition in which a person believes that his heart will stop during sleep and die, which wakes up suddenly frightened and feels that his chest is unable to breathe well, which prevents some people from sleeping To avoid repeating this, they will become tired and exhausted, and their psychological state will be severely affected by this.
  • The individual should not fear it and not think about it too much so that it does not affect his life and make him depressed, but he should be fully aware that it is just hallucinations that are not real.
  • Some preventive measures must be taken in order for the individual to avoid this while sleeping, which we will list to you later.

Causes of Panic From Sleep and The Feeling of Death

We must note that these reasons are only probable causes and that science has not yet reached the real reasons behind that feeling, but they are just speculations, and we only mention the following:

Genetic and Genetic Factors

  • The genetic and genetic factor is among the possible causes of exposure to panic during sleep and a feeling of death. If there is a family history of panic and fear during sleep, the likelihood of a family member experiencing this was very high.

Stress and Mental Disorders

  • Diseases of anxiety, tension or depression cause panic during sleep and make the individual that his heart is about to stop; For this reason, the doctor prescribes some psychiatric medications that calm the nerves, which a patient with depression or anxiety takes before bed, so that he does not feel that way.

Hormonal Changes and Medication

  • As we have already mentioned, women are more likely to panic during sleep due to the hormonal changes that they go through before the period is due.
  • There are some medications whose side effects include some hormonal disorders and affecting the nervous system and brain chemistry in general, which affect the normal functioning of the brain, resulting in a feeling of dread during sleep.

Chronic Heart Disease

  • There is some research that has revealed an association between people with heart disease and the possibility of having panic attacks during the night while they sleep.

Some mental illnesses

There are a number of mental illnesses that exacerbate the symptoms of panic attacks, including the following:

  • generalized anxiety disorders;
  • stress disorders;
  • phobia disease.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Sleep Disorders

  • The disturbing nightmares due to the person's subconscious terrify him and make him think that his heart is about to stop, and then he suffers from shortness of breath and sweating as a result of this.

Mental and Physical Exhaustion

  • Insomnia causes a person to experience panic attacks. The more time the person gets during sleep, the less he is exposed to panic attacks; That is why doctors always advise the need to sleep at least eight hours a day.

Wrong Lifestyle

It is one of the main causes of panic attacks during sleep, and these habits include the following:

  • Eating large quantities of food before going to sleep, as the number of hours between sleep and the last meal eaten by the individual should be not less than three hours.
  • Sleeping during the day for many hours causes lethargy and exhaustion, and makes him vulnerable to panic attacks.
  • Lack of regular exercise that reduces stress.
  • Sleeping in incorrect positions or in a way that puts pressure on the lungs, causing difficulty breathing.
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, and excessive drug use.
  • Drinking drinks that contain a high percentage of caffeine, such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks, which affect brain chemistry and cause panic attacks.

Symptoms of Sleep Terrors and a Feeling of Death

In a related context, we will continue with you the most prominent signs of panic from sleep and a feeling of death, according to the following points:

  • Feeling of trembling or trembling.
  • hot flashes;
  • shed sweat.
  • breathing difficulties;
  • blurred vision
  • Feeling dizzy and unable to balance.
  • Increased heart rate due to the release of the hormone adrenaline, which the body releases when it feels fear.
  • Twitching on the left side.
  • Disturbances in the digestive system that lead to vomiting, nausea, and pain in some areas of the stomach.
  • A specialist doctor should be consulted if these symptoms increase or decrease in severity.

Treatment of Panic From Sleep and The Feeling of Death

The treatment of panic attacks and panic attacks is divided into two parts, one of which is pharmacological and the other is psychological, and we will review them in detail as follows:

Pharmacological Part

When visiting the psychiatrist, he will prescribe to the patient some psychological medications that calm the nerves and help the body enjoy a peaceful sleep. These treatments include the following:

  • Tricyclic antidepressants.
  • zolpidem;
  • benzodiazepines;
  • Serotonin modifiers.
  • eszopiclone;

Psychological Part

  • Exposure therapy: in which the doctor encourages the patient to confront the stimulus that causes him to feel fear and panic, for example, if the individual is afraid of high places and always dreams of nightmares while he is on high places that cause him to panic attacks, the doctor asks him to climb to high places with his help Or he makes him imagine himself with one of the psychological techniques while he is in one of the high places and begins to explain to him the matter and assures that this will not harm him as long as he does not throw himself or something like that.
  • Behavioral therapy: conducting a deep dialogue with the patient to identify his fears and what may cause him to feel dread during sleep when he sees him, in addition to asking the patient to perform some relaxation and breathing exercises when this occurs and trying to calm himself through some steps.

Important Tips to Avoid Panic During Sleep and The Feeling of Death

There are some tips that will help to avoid feeling panicked during sleep and reduce the severity of the symptoms that may result, including the following:

  • Do yoga and relaxation exercises that help a lot to enjoy calm nerves.
  • Stay away from sources of anxiety and tension.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, and stop smoking.
  • Not eating immediately before bed, but preferably to have an interval of at least three hours between the last meal and sleep.
  • Do not sleep in uncomfortable positions.
And here we have come to the end of our tour in which we have known: panic from sleep and a feeling of death: We also learned about the possible causes for this with a list of some symptoms and treatment of that,

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