English Short Stories

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Description: A Simple English Short Narrative These are some of the most beautiful and easy-to-write short stories in English that provide meaning and life lessons
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English Short Stories

A Simple English Short Narrative

These are some of the most beautiful and easy-to-write short stories in English that provide meaning and life lessons.

An Elderly Man's Life in The Village

In the village, there was an elderly gentleman. He was one of the world's saddest and most painful persons. The entire village despised working with him. He was constantly down, always whining, and he was always in poor health. The longer he lived, the more sad he got and the more poisonous his words became. People shied away from him because his anguish was contagious. It wasn't typical of you to be so amusing around him. Others were unhappy as a result of it. However, when he reached the age of eighty, Something incredible occurred. "This old man became joyful one day, did not complain about anything, was always smiling, and even had a cheerful face," the tale spread quickly. The entire village came together. And they inquired of the elderly gentleman, "What happened to you?" "Nothing has changed. I spent eighty years chasing happiness away from myself, and it was futile. Then I made the decision to live without this goal in order to keep her away from me and enjoy my life. That is why I am now content.

A Brief English Narrative With a Lesson

The Wise Man's Story is a Fascinating One

It's a brief English story about folks going to the wise man and whining about the same problems every time. Al-Jukayim told them a joke one day, and they all laughed. He told them the same joke again two minutes later, and a couple of them grinned. And when he told the same joke for the third time, no one laughed. "You can't laugh at the same joke over and over again," the wise man stated with a smile. Why do people cry over the same issue over and over again? The conclusion of the story is that being anxious will squander your time, energy, and happiness rather than solving problems.

A Success-Themed Short Story in English

Story Take Control of Your Problems

Let's look at the sunny side of life through this story, which is far from any short story about a theft crime. A favoured donkey of one of the men slipped into a deep hole. No matter how hard he tries, he can't get rid of it. As a result, he chose to bury the donkey alive. As a result, he poured dirt from above on the donkey. When the donkey sensed dirt, he began to shake and stomp it. And everything that pours additional dirt shakes it up and moves it forward. The larger the amount of dirt dumped, the higher it will rise. by 12 o'clock The donkey had emerged from the hole and was now grazing in the lush greenery. One will arrive in lush pastures after numerous attempts (issues) and advancement (learning from them).

English Version of a Genuine Story


Angela Samuta, a college student in Texas, was raped and stabbed until she died in her apartment in 1984, according to an English crime story. But her narrative went unheard until Sheila Weisuke, a friend and roommate, decided she needed to know the truth. As a result, she proposed that DNA samples be analysed. The girl called the cops after discovering a blood and sperm sample from the Samuta crime scene. She also requested that their decision on her friend's crime be reconsidered. She didn't get around to anything, so she bought a licence so she could use her friend's samples. She ultimately persuaded the police to restart the case in 2006. It took him two years to get his DNA analysed, but he eventually matched up with Donald Pace, the convicted rapist who had been sentenced to death. This young lady is currently employed as a detective.


The stories are factual, rather than short fictional criminal stories. Joanna Barraza, a professional wrestler, murdered 48 elderly ladies in Mexico between 1998 and 2006. I kept it hidden for a long time since no one suspected the woman of being the perpetrator. However, she admitted to the murder of a lady but disputed the other charges. She just stated, "I was angry," when probed about her reason for the murder. Wrestling began in a poor area outside of Mexico City. And her lawyer said to her defense that her mother was addicted to alcohol and gave her to a man in exchange for giving her different types of beer, and the same was the case when Joanna was twelve years old. The criminologist in charge of the case confirmed that Joanna aimed to kill the elderly women because they looked like her mother. The quality of the stories, from a story in English about kidnapping or theft, attracts many readers.

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