How Do I Know if I'm Blocked on WhatsApp for iPhone?

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Description: How do I know that I am banned in WhatsApp for iPhone, where WhatsApp is one of the most important applications for social communication, and many peo
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How Do I Know if I'm Blocked on WhatsApp for iPhone
How Do I Know if I'm Blocked on WhatsApp for iPhone

How do I know that I am banned in WhatsApp for iPhone, where WhatsApp is one of the most important applications for social communication, and many people use it and many institutions and companies have an account on it, so how can we know that we are banned from WhatsApp in the event that we have iPhones in This article from Since Few will show you that.


How do I Know if I'm Blocked on WhatsApp for iPhone?

  • It is possible for anyone to be subject to a ban on WhatsApp, so how can a person who is blocked know that he has been blocked? In this section, we will show you how to get to know this in a simple way.
  • To be clear with you, dear reader, the WhatsApp application cannot identify the contacts that have blocked the user.
  • But there are some indications that can show us that we are banned on WhatsApp for iPhone, and among these indications are the following:
  • The user cannot know the last times it appeared and cannot get any notification.
  • A blocked user can't follow any changes made by the contacts you've blocked, whether it's changing a profile picture or posting a status.
  • You can only get one indication when sending a message without seeing the indication that this message has successfully reached the contacts who have blocked you.
  • You cannot make any voice call or even video call with the contacts who have blocked your account.

Ban on Whatsapp

WhatsApp has provided blocking services to users, in order to achieve privacy and comfort for users, as there are a number of reasons why WhatsApp has activated this service, including:

  • To activate the blocking service in order to avoid communicating with any unknown contacts, and you can not see conversations or even other annoying calls.
  • Dear reader, you can block the contacts that you do not want to communicate with, in order to achieve complete privacy and non-disturbance.
  • In order to activate this service, we do the following steps:
  • First we launch WhatsApp and then we go to settings.
  • Then click on Account Settings.
  • After that, we click on Privacy.
  • Then we click on the blocked contact.
  • Then we choose the Add New option.
  • Then we search for the contacts we want to block.

Unblock WhatsApp

Some people who use the WhatsApp application need to know the good way to unblock contacts, and in order to unblock them, we take some steps that differ from one phone to another depending on the type of operating system:

Steps to Remove Ban From iPhone

In order to unblock the iPhone, we have to take some important steps that differ from other different phones, including:

  • To run the WhatsApp application.
  • Then we click on the settings button.
  • Then we click on the account.
  • And click on the privacy settings.
  • Next we make a selection for blocked contacts.
  • Then we go to the contacts we want to unblock through the list.
  • Then we lift the ban.

Unblock Android

  Users of Android phones can unblock WhatsApp by doing a number of simple steps, including:

  • We run WhatsApp.
  • Then we move on to contacts.
  • Then we look for the blocked contacts.
  • And click on it and then choose to remove the ban.

Privacy in WhatsApp

The WhatsApp application is considered one of the most important applications that protect the privacy of its users. Through the use of WhatsApp, it is possible to take a set of measures aimed at protecting the privacy of users, among which are the following:

  • Message encryption: WhatsApp permanently encrypts messages between users during a conversation.
  • This means that no one can recognize the messages, listen to them, or steal them.
  • Save messages on the phone: The WhatsApp application also works to preserve the privacy of users.
  • This is by keeping the messages on his phone without appearing to any media in order to announce themselves.

Privacy Settings

  Privacy settings can be used optionally for each of the users, and the privacy setting is one of the most important needs of social networking applications, and among these settings that can be activated with simple procedures are the following:

  • Block people, archive conversations.
  • You can also control the cases that do themselves, and you can also, dear reader, be withholding your image so that no one sees it.

Whatsapp App

The WhatsApp application was created and designed by the American engineer Brian Acton and the Ukrainian Jan Koum, both of which are specialized programmers, and it was designed and launched in 2009, and in this paragraph we will explain some information about it.

  • WhatsApp is one of the most important social networking applications.
  • It is suitable for all smart phones, and it works on all Android devices as well as iPads and iPhones.
  • WhatsApp also releases versions that are well compatible with computers and traditional Internet browsers.
  • This is so that the user can benefit from the WhatsApp application and send and receive messages at any time.
  • WhatsApp provides many services to users, including chat service, voice calls, video calls, and sending attachments.
  • Below are the details of using those services:
  • Conversational service: It is considered a service through text conversations, and it is considered one of the most important services provided by WhatsApp.
  • It is widely used and WhatsApp gives anyone the service for you.
  • It helps him to communicate with the contacts stored on the mobile phone.
  • Voice calls: WhatsApp provides a free voice call service, and among all users, people can make it through the Internet.
  •  Video calls: Many people who use WhatsApp need to make a video call with friends or families.
  • It is one of the free services provided by the WhatsApp application.
  •  Send attachments: Anyone can receive or send videos, images, audio clips, or documents in various formats.

And here, dear reader, we have clarified the most important information related to How do I know that I am banned in WhatsApp for iPhone We have explained to you, dear reader, the advantages of the WhatsApp application, and we have mentioned to you how to decipher users on WhatsApp, and we have indicated a privacy activation policy for users, and we hope that You will be satisfied with the topic.

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