How Old is Putin The Real Russian President

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Description: How old is Putin the real Russian president? This question is one of the most famous questions that have been found on social media platforms and glob
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How Old is Putin The Real Russian President
Russian President Putin

How old is Putin the real Russian president? This question is one of the most famous questions that have been found on social media platforms and global search engines recently, especially since the Russian Federation is one of the parties to the recent global problem, which is the war that began between Russia and Ukraine, which led to shedding all the lights on the Russian state. People and country, Putin's name occupied all world news.

Especially since the declaration of the State of the Russian Federation to war on the State of Ukraine, raised the panic of the whole world, that this would be the beginning of dragging the world into a third world war, especially since the effects of the First and Second World Wars are still suffering from many countries until the present moment, and for this we find that The name of Vladimir Putin occupies all world news and headlines, in the curiosity and desire of everyone to know what the events could lead to.

We find that the question about the current Russian President Vladimir Putin is constantly increasing, and we find that many are asking about his age, and some are asking about the positions he held in the Russian state to be its president, and some have even turned to the question of who is Putin in the first place, and for this, the lines will be carried. The following is all possible information about Putin,

How Old is Putin The Real Russian President

Vladimir Putin is considered one of the most prominent global figures recently, not only on the scale of his country, not even his continent, but on the global scale. Among the questions that revolve around him, whether about his age or political work, and other questions that revolve around him, and given the fact that we strive to provide the Arab reader with all the information he is looking for, the following lines will contain all possible information about Russian President Putin, starting our article By answering the above question, explaining how old he is, and then getting to know him personally.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin was born in 1952 AD, specifically on the day corresponding to the date of the seventh of October, that is, he has reached his sixty-ninth year, in addition to the fact that he will be his seventieth year in the month of October of this current year in 2022.
  • It is worth noting that despite the many political positions that he was able to fill, especially after he resigned from his job as a Russian intelligence officer, he was not famous not on the international level, not even on the local level.
  • As the situation continued as it was until he assumed the position of Prime Minister, especially when he announced the start of military operations against the separatists in Chechnya, given that his operations had yielded many successes, and this is the complete opposite of the conditions of former President “Yeltsin.”

Vladimir Putin's Birth Story

After we got to know the age of the current Russian President Vladimir Putin, it is time to get to know him more closely. Therefore, the following lines will carry all possible information about the current Russian president.

  • Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, the current President of the Russian Federation, was born in the Russian socialist city of Eningrad. He grew up on its lands, and even obtained all stages of his education there, until he reached university education, which he obtained from Leningrad State University in 1975 AD.
  • And then he went to the practical field, through his work as a Soviet intelligence officer, for a period that lasted up to sixteen years, but he was quickly promoted until he achieved the rank of first lieutenant, until the advent of 1996 AD, when he moved to the capital Russian city of Moscow.
  • This was for the purpose of occupying an administrative position with President Boris Yeltsin, the former Russian President, as he had held the position of Director of the Russian Federal Security Service, but he had since resigned, in order to go to political work, as he had held many positions up to the seat of Prime Minister The Russian Federation, and even the seat of the Presidency of the State of the Russian Federation, which he held from the year 2000 AD, until the present moment.

Vladimir Putin Previous Positions

We had previously indicated that the current Russian President Putin held many positions before taking over the presidency of a great country like the Russian Federation, and based on this, we will learn about the most prominent of these positions in the following.

  • He held the position of Vice Rector of Leningrad State University and Foreign Relations for the year 1990.
  • In addition, he served as an advisor to the Mayor of Leningrad “Anatoly Sobchak” for international affairs.
  • He was also the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Leningrad Mayor's Office for the year 1991.
  • He was even appointed to the post of first deputy head of the Saint Petersburg government in 1995.
  • In addition, he held the position of Vice President of the Presidential Property Management Department for the year 1996.
  • In addition to the position of Deputy Chief of the Presidential Staff for the year 1997.
  • In addition to his work as Director of the Federal Security Service for the year 1998.
  • In conclusion, he was Chairman of the Russian Council of Ministers for the year 1999.

Vladimir Putin President of Russia

It is worth noting that many have wondered about when Putin was appointed to rule Russia, so the following lines will carry the political work of President Putin in his presidential journey in the rule of the Russian Federation.

  • On the 31st of December 1999 AD, Russian President Yeltsin abruptly announced his abdication of the presidency of the United Russia. He even appointed his Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, as head of state on his behalf.
  • However, in March of the year 2000 AD, Vladimir Putin ran for the presidential elections of the Russian Federation, and was able to win the presidency smoothly, and this is due to his great game, given the positions he has occupied, especially since he has proven his ability by confirming the state's control over 89 regions of Russia, in addition to his great achievements in the economic field, during his first presidency.

Putin's Second Term

  • In addition to the fact that Putin managed to win a second presidential term, during the year 2004, this period was a very difficult period for United Russia, and this is due to the problem of the Beslan school hostages, and the many criticisms and attacks that the Russian President was subjected to due to the killing of the journalist “Anna.” Politkovskaya".
  • Especially since it has presented many documents that refer to the corruption that the Russian army has caused in Chechnya.

Putin's Third Presidential Term

  • It is worth noting that President Vladimir Putin did not succeed in winning the third stage of the Russian presidential elections for the year 2008, as the winner was President “Medvedev”, but he appointed him to the post of prime minister, and when the deadline passed and came in 2012, Putin could win the elections to get a third presidential run.
  • During this period, the Russian Federation enjoyed the best foreign policies, especially since it had spread in the Middle East, specifically in the Arab state of Syria. It is worth noting that, until the present moment, Vladimir Putin is still on the throne of the rule of the Russian Federation.

In the end, and as we reach the conclusion point in our article that answered the question of how old is the real Putin, the Russian President, we have indicated that Putin was born in 1952, specifically on the day corresponding to the seventh of October, that is, he is in his sixty-ninth year, and in the month of next October His seventieth year will be.

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