How to Calculate Body Mass and Ideal Weight

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Description: The method of calculating body mass and ideal weight is presented to you through the Since Few website. Reaching the ideal weight is everyone’s goal.
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How to Calculate Body Mass and Ideal Weight
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The method of calculating body mass and ideal weight is presented to you through the Since Few website. Reaching the ideal weight is everyone’s goal. In the past, the ideal weight was calculated according to height and weight and did not depend on gender or age, despite the difference in the ideal weight for men and women, but in the end it clarifies We have the ideal mass that the body should have, as it is the best measure of weight, regardless of age and gender, but before getting to know the method of calculating body mass, we must confirm that the measurement of body mass does not also depend on calculating the mass of fat in the body.

How to Calculate Body Mass and ideal Weight

Body mass index, otherwise known as the BMI index, is an equation for calculating the ideal body weight and whether the height is proportional to the weight and determines the excess or less weight based on age. BMI is calculated through an equation:

  • The formula for calculating the body mass and the ideal weight for a person calculates the body mass index and depends on dividing the weight by the square of the height, and it can be calculated in the following way:
  • Body mass index = weight (kg) ÷ height (m2).
  • BMI = weight ÷ (height x height).
  • An example of how to apply the BMI formula:
  • BMI = 90 ÷ (1.9 * 1.9)
  • BMI = 90 ÷ (3.61)
  • BMI = 24.9
  • The use of the equation varies according to the unit of weight used. In the case of using pounds and inches, the equation is as follows:

  • Weight (lbs) ÷ length (square inches).

Body Mass and Ideal Weight Calculator

Body mass can be calculated using computers equipped to show the output and weight, for example, by simply pressing a button. You can access the different types of calculators through the following links:

  • BMI body mass calculator.
  • Provides a choice between two types of measuring instruments.
  • BMI Calculator.
  • You can choose between US Units _ Metric Units
  • Ideal Weight Calculator.
  • It shows the ideal weight without recognizing the person's weight, so it determines his ideal weight according to his age and height.
  • Body mass calculator.
  • The state of the body, whether overweight, normal weight, or any condition, determines how many cases of the mass index table.

BMI and ideal Weight Chart

After using BMI calculators, the result will be a number less than 40. The status of the category to which the person's weight belongs is identified through the following table:

Indicator BMIbody condition
less than 16Very severe weight loss (extreme thinness)
16 to 17Severe weight loss
17 to 18.5Weight loss
From 18.5 to 25normal weight
25 to 30Increase in weight
30 to 35first degree obesity
from 35 to 40second degree obesity
more than 40Too obese

Ideal Weight Chart for Height

The goal of determining the type of body condition according to the mass index table is to identify the position of the body and here we resort to following a healthy diet that helps to lose or increase weight.

length cmAppropriate weight kglength cmAppropriate weight kg
150From 41.6 to 56.3175From 56.7 to 76.6
15142.2 to 57.0176From 57.3 to 77.4
152From 42.8 to 57.8177From 58.0 to 78.3
153From 43.3 to 58.517858.6 to 79.2
154From 43.9 to 59.3179From 59.3 to 80.1
15544.5 to 60.118060.0 to 81.0
156From 45.0 to 60.8181From 60.6 to 81.9
15745.6 to 61.6182From 61.3 to 82.8
158From 46.2 to 62.4183From 62.0 to 83.7
159From 46.8 to 63.2184From 62.7 to 84.6
16047.4 to 64.0185From 63.4 to 85.6
16148.0 to 64.818664.0 to 86.5
162From 48.6 to 65.6187From 64.7 to 87.4
163From 49.2 to 66.4188From 65.4 to 88.4
164From 49.8 to 67.2189From 66.1 to 89.3
165From 50.4 to 68.1190From 66.8 to 90.3
166From 51.0 to 68.9191From 67.5 to 91.2
167From 51.6 to 69.7192From 68.2 to 92.2
168From 52.2 to 70.6193From 68.9 to 93.1
169From 52.9 to 71.4194From 69.7 to 94.1
170From 53.5 to 72.319570.4 to 95.1
171From 54.1 to 73.119671.1 to 96.0
172From 54.8 to 74.0197From 71.8 to 97.0
173From 55.4 to 74.819872.6 to 98.0
174From 56.0 to 75.719973.3 to 99.0
175From 56.7 to 76.6200From 74.0 to 100.0

How to Calculate Body fat Mass

Calculating the percentage of body fat is different from calculating body mass to determine the ideal weight that is recommended, there is more than one way to know the mass of fat stored in the body, it is often calculated using medical devices available to nutritionists, but the fat mass can be calculated at home, but the result The result will be approximate and not certain, as you can calculate it through the following steps.

  • It should be taken into account that the measurements are taken in the morning after waking up and before eating, as the presence of food in the stomach affects the change of numbers for the waist and abdomen.
  • Use a tape measure and record the measurements for the following areas which are required to calculate fat mass using electronic calculators:

  • waistline.
  • Hip circumference.
  • thigh circumference.
  • chest circumference.
  • neck circumference.
  • Body fat percentage was determined by the American Board of Body Fat Classification, as shown in the following table:

the descriptionWomenMen
essential fats10-13%2-5%
medium fat25-31%18-24%

As for Jackson and Pollard, they determined the ideal body fat percentage according to the following table:

the ageWomenMen

Body fat Mass Calculator

One of the following calculators can be used to find out the ideal rate of body fat mass and what is the excess percentage of fat mass. You can use the calculators in the following links:

After we have provided you with all the instructions that will help you to identify the ideal weight and the ideal body fat percentage, we have come to the conclusion of our article on: The method of calculating body mass and ideal weight: We hope that what we have presented has helped you.

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