In Which Country is Kassala Located?

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Description: In which country is the city of Kassala located: which is now considered not just a city, but rather a state within the country in which it is located
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In Which Country is KassalaLocated

In which country is the city of Kassala located: which is now considered not just a city, but rather a state within the country in which it is located and is considered one of the most important states due to two important elements: the picturesque nature it enjoys and the breathtaking architectural style, these factors are what made Kassala one of the most important cities In this article, Since Few provides you with everything you need to know about this magical city.

In Which Country is Kassala Located?

What many people do not know is that the city of Kassala is the city that has been named the capital of beauty in the world. It is the city of Durrat Al Sharq, which is located in:

In Which Country is The City of Kassala Located?

  • The African state of Sudan, specifically Kassala, is one of the cities in eastern Sudan.
  • It was established near the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, at a distance of no more than 480 km.
  • What distinguishes Kassala from other cities is the landscape that surrounds you everywhere, as it is located on the banks of the Gash River. It also has mountainous slopes, the Taka Mountains, which are characterized by different terrain.
  • The city was originally named after one of the most prominent mountains it owns, the Kassala Mountains.
  • The city is of great economic importance because it is located on the border between Sudan and the State of Eritrea, and therefore Kassala is the only trade route between the two countries that have a very close commercial relationship.
  • The city is not considered one of the cities with a high population density, as it consists of only 156,000 people, but this number may increase because the city is considered a magnet for African tribes who prefer to leave their country to move to live in it.

History of Ancient Eastern Sudan

When we want to talk about the history of eastern Sudan, it will certainly be about the state of Kassala, which was established in Sudan in 1840 AD:

  • And while the history books say that it has become a civilized city as we know it today since that year, it had existed two centuries before that, i.e. since 1636 when they were just tribes living with each other in a simple primitive manner. At that time, trade was one of the most important trades in which the people of Kassala worked .
  • Trade was taking place between it and Egypt, and it also had trade relations with the country of Nubia, so when modern explorations took place, I found that there are a lot of Egyptian antiquities and products in the city of Kassala.
  • And from close commercial relations to wars between the people of Kassala and the people of Egypt, especially in the era of the Mamluks, after societies advanced and time developed, where there was conflict between the Mamluks and the Beja tribes, and history books mention that Kassala had a king who knew the Arabs and spoke the Arabic language very fluently.
  • In the history of Kassala, we will find a period of rule that began since 1656, which is the rule of the Funj, which was also known as the Blue Sultanate, as it was a union of tribes living on the banks of the day. .
  • With the passage of time and entry in the year 1840 AD, he entered the era of the Ottoman Empire, which wanted to take possession of the region to join the Ottoman state and carry its flag. him to control the countries of Africa.

The First Revolution in The History of Kassala

There has not been any state built by man throughout history anywhere in the world that did not witness a social and political revolution to announce his anger at the existing corruption, after a great period of oppression.

  • The Kassala Revolution was the black jihadist revolution that took place in 1865 AD, specifically in the month of March, and it was among the people of the city against the Ottoman states.
  • The revolution took place mainly when the Turkish soldiers were late in paying the salaries of the working people of Kassala.
  • The name of the rebels was given to those who made the revolution, and the soldiers tried at the time to calm them down to put down that revolution. After the success in that, they tried to gather all these rebels in one place to get rid of them, but the plan failed at that time and the rebels became agitated, which made them spread throughout the city to ignite the revolution And they argued a lot of soldiers, but not the Turks, but the Egyptians, and then they began to seize any money and goods that came their way.

Residential Neighborhoods and Life in Kassala

With the passage of time on Kassala, it has now become a developed state that is divided into high-end residential neighborhoods, which are divided into:

  • Three main neighborhoods, as the city does not have a large area, but in each neighborhood, a small group of Al-Ahsa belongs to it in the administrative division.
The main neighborhoods are the Khatmiya neighborhood, the Mirghaniah neighborhood, and the Hanqala neighborhood, and these neighborhoods include a number of other smaller neighborhoods, including:

  • Al Maqam neighborhood.
  • Cray neighborhood.
  • Rashid district.
  • Tsaaji neighborhood.
  • Al-Burno district.
  • Bir Yai neighborhood.
  • Salam neighborhood sir.
  • Qawazah district.
  • Domat district.
  • Al-Amiriya district.
  • School district.
  • Ashlag Prison District.
  • Ashlaq Al-Jaish neighborhood.
  • Al Qara District.
  • Yamani district.
  • Shrine district.
  • The neighborhood of the martyr Taj Al-Sir Ali Hamad.
  • New district.
  • Indian District.
  • West Gash district.

The Names of The Tribes of Eastern Sudan

Tribes, in general, do not always belong to one region, as they live on movement and travel. He lived in Kassala, eastern Sudan:

Tribes that joined the indigenous population in the early 17th century, that is, at a time when there were wars between Kassala and Egypt, where the Bani Amer tribes, the Shukriya tribe and the Balu tribe, who were concentrated on the banks of the Gash River, came to it, but among the most important tribes that inhabited the region are:

Beja Tribes

  • The Beja tribes came to live in Kassala, specifically on its coast on the Red Sea and up to the banks of the Nile River in Sudan. They also lived in the Sudanese Halayeb Triangle.
  • In fact, if we want to know the origin of that tribe specifically, history did not recognize their original birthplace, but in general, research indicates that they are either from southern Eritrea, coming from eastern Ethiopia, or coming from northern Djibouti.
  • The Beja tribes are considered one of the largest tribes that inhabited the city of Kassala.
  • And they entered into wars with the Egyptians, who were extracting gold from the lands of Kassala because they wanted to have a share in it.

Is Brown Amer Coming?

  • History books confirmed that the Bani Amer tribes were originally a sub-tribe of the main Beja tribe, and that they also lived in Kassala and were even among the most prominent of those who resided there.
  • There are more than 300 thousand people belonging to this tribe, who used to live in Kassala, but later moved to the Eritrean region and also mixed with the rest of the people of Sudan.

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