Is World War III Near?

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Description: There is a state of anxiety and great fear pervading the whole world, and there is increased talk about the presence of political, military and geogra
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Is World War III Near?

There is a state of anxiety and great fear pervading the whole world, and there is increased talk about the presence of political, military and geographic changes expected in the coming period, and many people interested in international affairs wondered: Is World War III near? We will answer this question in detail in this article, and we will also present the most important global predictions regarding international and military security for 2022.

Is World War III near?

With the beginning of 2022 and there are international and global events occupying the entire world, these events can cause very important radical military and political changes.

  • There is global concern regarding the possibility of World War III, especially with the presence of strong military conflicts between Russia and Ukraine.
  • Russia is one of the important countries influential in the international military field, and therefore being a party to the conflict, this certainly causes a state of international anxiety and fear.
  • Military analysts believe that World War III has gone closer this year than any other year.
  • The participation of huge military forces in an organized military war, heralds the possibility of expanded military alliances that prepare the whole world for the outbreak of the Third World War.
  • The statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin were very strong and frank. He clearly announced the military intervention in Ukraine. Indeed, military operations began strongly in February 2022.
  • In the midst of the whole world watching, no other military party intervened, so we see the Russian side directly in front of the Ukrainian side.
  • But there are strong possibilities for the European side, the United States of America and NATO to intervene to help the Ukrainian people.
  • If this is indeed the case, we are facing a third world war in a realistic way, and each country must choose a side that it supports.
  • In the event that NATO takes any actual decision that results in direct military action against the Russian side, this portends the occurrence of huge and very big military problems.
  • It paves the way for the state of China to attack Taiwan, as well as for the state of Iran to move militarily to attack the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and others.

Russia and World War III

Until this moment, the possibility of World War III is largely limited, but not impossible.

  • NATO refused military intervention to help the Ukrainian state, and only imposed economic fines on Russia to restrict it significantly.
  • The International Security Organization seeks to reach strategic diplomatic solutions that preserve the integrity, rights and security of the two countries.
  • Russia had taken the decision of the military attack on Ukraine, out of its deep concern over Ukraine's annexation of NATO, as it saw this matter as a direct threat to the security and integrity of its borders with Ukraine.
  • Putin announced his desire to control the state of Ukraine, with the aim of controlling and eliminating extremism and terrorism in the country, and controlling the stability of the entire region.
  • The United States of America and many European Union countries announced their complete rejection of this military intervention, and found it a usurpation of Ukrainian lands, and threatened to impose economic fines and restrict Russia as much as possible, so that it reverses its decision and does not resort to violence and weapons.
  • But Russia did not listen to global statements and warnings, and according to recent statements, more than 80% of the Russian armed forces have already settled on Ukrainian lands, which makes the near future more uncertain, and everyone is in a state of anticipation for the European reaction to this matter.

World War III Predictions

With the escalation of the military situation and the difficult situation between Russia and Ukraine, many global military predictions have spread, warning of the possibility of World War III, as the conflict is very intense between the great powers of the world from the military side as well as the economic side.

  • Of course, one of the most global places where World War III could break out is Ukraine. It is now at war with Russia, which is one of the country's most important superpowers, especially as it is now suffering greatly from instability in all respects.
  • Therefore, analysts see that there is a high probability that the country will become the most affected if the Third World War does indeed take place.
  • Russia had announced its strong fear of the great interest in developing all military aspects of the Ukrainian army, especially after the noticeable increase in the military forces located on the borders, as a result of Ukraine's development of the military aspect, which resulted in Russia's invasion of it.
  • Ukraine did not find the support it was waiting for from NATO, and the United States preferred an indirect response to Russia's excesses, as it carried out many cyber, propaganda and media attacks, along with economic sanctions.
  • We note today that Russia has achieved very large military victories within the Ukrainian territory, to the extent that it almost took control of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

World War III 2022

The danger does not only surround the State of Ukraine, the danger also extends to the possibility of a very huge war in 2022 in the State of Taiwan.

  • Recently, Taiwan has received a lot of strong-worded Chinese threats, and today the whole world is watching with great interest in China's military forces, and they have been significantly developed over the past decade.
  • The United States of America expressed its concern about this concern. If China actually attacked Taiwan, this would affect the economic system in the whole world.
  • Especially if the state of China adopted the amphibious attack through the Taiwan Straits, but until this moment there is still a state of ambiguity surrounding the relationship of China and Taiwan.
  • The State of China was very interested in the military aspect, to protect its huge economic activity. Today, the People's Republic of China has become one of the most important economic cadres in the world.
  • We note the principled support of the United States of America for Taiwan's position, and fully supports its right to obtain complete independence and freedom.
  • There is a state of tension and apprehension between the United States and China, and therefore we find that the diplomatic relations between them are of great concern.

World War III Could Break Out in Iran

  • Many economic, political and military experts and analysts believe that Iran is one of the countries threatened by the outbreak of a third world war on its soil. The great dispute between the United States of America and Iran is still ongoing.
  • Today, we find great interest on the part of the Iranian authorities to develop nuclear defense on Iranian soil, to defend the country against any possible external threat, as it has missile bases that are highly efficient, with opacity and complete secrecy, as no one knows the nature and capabilities of the Iranian army.
  • If we look at the diplomatic negotiations between the United States of America and the State of Iran, we will always find that there is a hidden threat, and there is a high possibility of military intervention in the country at any time.

The Danger in North Korea

  • Of course, there is a great danger looming over North Korea in 2022
  • North Korea has recently been facing very big problems from the military, political, economic, and even social aspects.
  • This made it coveted by the great powers of the world. There is a state of severe and harsh restrictions imposed by the Korean regimes on their citizens, which has led to a state of secrecy and ambiguity always surrounding its policies and laws, as no one knows the nature and size of nuclear weapons in its land.

Thus, we have answered the question of whether World War III is near or not, and we have clarified the most famous opinions of military analysts in this matter.

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