Life Story of Putin the President of Russia

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Description: “The life story of Putin, the President of Russia” is considered one of the most sought-after stories by large numbers of individuals from time to tim
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Life Story of Putin the President of Russia
Putin President of Russia

The life story of Putin, the President of Russia” is considered one of the most sought-after stories by large numbers of individuals from time to time to find out what this president did in his entire life. The recent events in Russia Many wanted to know a number of things that concern the president of that country, such as his personality and his life, for example.

For this reason, in our article on Since Few, we present to you, dear reader, the life story of Putin, the President of Russia, in addition to mentioning a number of various information related to his birth, his academic life and his reign, as well as mentioning some details related to this president in general.

Life Story of Putin The President of Russia

President Vladimir Putin is considered one of the most important and famous presidents in the world. He has ruled Russia for many years, and his rule is still going on until now. During his reign, Russia witnessed many events and various achievements.

  • The personality of this president is considered among the controversial figures, and it is also remarkable, especially after the recent events in Russia.
  • This made many people from different parts of the world want to know a number of information related to the life of this president, from his birth and upbringing to his rule of Russia and the events and achievements he made during that period.

Here is The Life story of Putin, President of Russia, Represented in The Following Paragraphs:

The Name of The President of Russia in English

  • The head of state of Russia is called Vladimir Putin and written in English is Vladimir Putin.
  • It is written in Russian Владимир Владимирович Путин.

Vladimir Putin's Birth Story

  • Russian President Putin was born on October 7, 1952.
  • It was in a city known as the city of Leningrad in the former Soviet Union, but now this city is called Saint Petersburg.
  • As for Putin's age, he will reach 70 years old in the current year 2022 AD.
  • He loved the judo routine very much when he was young so he was able to get a black belt in that sport, and he also preferred many martial arts and self-defense games like sumo for example.

Putin Family

  • Putin's father was Vladimir Spiridonovich, and he was a soldier in the Soviet Navy.
  • As for Putin's mother, her name was Maria Ivanovna, and she was a factory worker.
  • Putin's grandfather was called Spiridon Putin, and he worked as a personal cook for both leaders of the Soviet Union: Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin.

Putin's Religion

  • President Vladimir Putin converted to Orthodox Christianity, his mother was a very religious person, and
  • She made sure to go to church constantly.
  • Despite the persecution of Christianity during Putin's childhood, his mother always went to church in secret, and she also took him with her to get used to doing this.
  • As for Putin's father, he was an atheist, as he denied the existence of God and the existence of religions and divine books.

Putin's School life

  • Putin attended elementary school in Saint Petersburg in 1960, and then entered secondary school No. 281 by 1968.
  • In 1975, Putin graduated from the law major at Leningrad State University and ended his study trip once and for all.

Putin Character

  • Putin has had a strong and distinctive personality since his childhood, distinguished by his assertiveness and self-confidence very much.
  • In addition, he is able to make many decisions quickly.
  • He has also been known to behave very boldly, thus attracting attention.
  • He likes to appear differently, and he prefers to have dogs as he does to international meetings.

Putin's Power and Career

  • Putin worked in the KGB as a foreign intelligence officer early in his life, and continued in this job for fifteen years, including six years in Dresden in East Germany.
  • In 1990, Putin decided to retire with the rank of lieutenant colonel, and then returned to Russia again and worked at Leningrad State University, and at that time he served as an agent and responsible for the university's foreign relations.
  • It was the first step that made Putin step into political life.
  • Putin has mastered both English and German well due to the nature of his work in Germany.

Putin's Positions

  • Putin worked as a mayor advisor in St. Petersburg.
  • He served as the first deputy mayor of the municipality, and that was in the year 1994 AD.
  • He worked as Deputy Director of the Kremlin (Pavel Borodin).
  • He served as Director of the Russian Federal Security Service, and that was in 1998 AD.
  • He also served as Secretary of the Security Council in 1999.
  • He served as the Prime Minister of Russia during the rule of former Russian President Yeltsin.
  • Served as Russian Vice President.
  • Until he became president of Russia.

Putin's Rule in Russia

  • Former Russian President Yeltsin abruptly submitted his resignation from his position, and then Putin took over the rule of Russia on December 31, 1999 AD, eight years after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  • In his first term in office, Putin was considered a member of the Popular Front and the United Russia party.
  • In March of the year 2000, a presidential election was held, in which Putin won, and he has become the president of Russia since then.
  • President Putin launched a war on separatist Chechnya, and accused it of threatening the country's stability and bombing a number of Russian buildings.
  • Putin held the presidency from 2000 to 2004, after which the presidency was renewed for four times in a row.
  • In 2007, Putin was named by Time magazine as Person of the Year.
  • In recent periods, both the economic and political conditions of Russia have deteriorated, and the ceiling of freedoms has been restricted, in addition to the collapse of the Russian currency since 2014 AD, after it seized the Crimea.
  • Putin was subjected to about several assassination attempts, reaching five attempts at different periods, but they did not succeed.

Who is The Wife of Vladimir Putin?

  • After Putin graduated several years, he met Lyudmila in 1980, and she was working as a flight attendant, and then he married her in 1983.
  • He had two daughters from his wife, one of whom was named Maria Putin, born in 1985 CE, and the other named Katrina Putin, born in 1986 CE.
  • This marriage ended in 2013 AD after a period of 30 years.

Putin's Fortune

  • In 2015, several Russian sources announced the fortune of Russian President Putin, saying that his fortune amounts to about 115 thousand US dollars, and this wealth has certainly doubled since that year until the current year 2022 AD.
  • And the American CNN has stated that Putin's fortune has reached nearly $200 billion, and thus this president is considered one of the richest people in the world.
  • Putin also owns a secret mansion that costs around $1 billion.

Russia has witnessed the term of a large number of different presidents, and each president has left his own distinctive mark and influence in Russian history, and many people are searching for a variety of information about these presidents, so they are searching for “Putin’s life story, President of Russia” because he was President of Russia for many years So far, this is what we have presented and clarified in our article for your benefit, dear reader.

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