Masturbation's Disadvantages for Girls Before Marriage

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Description: Masturbation is one of the things that Sharia prohibits since it causes health and psychological harm to both girls and boys, but sadly, some females
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Masturbation's Disadvantages for Girls Before Marriage

Masturbation is one of the things that Sharia prohibits since it causes health and psychological harm to both girls and boys, but sadly, some females engage in this behaviour without realising the consequences. girl.

Masturbation and The Potential Harm it Can Cause to a Girl Before Marriage

Masturbation causes a number of issues for the girl, including:


Impotence that leads to her lack of sexual desire with the husband, which results in bad satisfaction of the marital connection, is one of the downsides that affects the girl as a result of her masturbation before marriage, and this problem commonly emerges with the girl's age.

Physical Exhaustion and Weakness

Masturbation makes a lady feel physically exhausted all of the time since it harms her neurological system, causing exhaustion in the knees, back, and joints, as well as the possibility of sight impairment.

In her twenties, a girl may begin to experience the effects of masturbation and have a lack of physical fitness, especially if she bombs as a result of masturbating.

Masturbating After Getting Married

One of the disadvantages of masturbation for a girl is that she may continue to practise it after she marries, which may lead to recurring issues between her and her spouse because she does not have an intimate relationship with him. It's possible that this will lead to her divorce.

Having Difficulty Urinating

As a result of significant bladder retention and infection exposure, the girl who practises masturbation experiences urination problems and pain when urinating, and it may progress to the problem of involuntary urination as a result of weak nerves in the anal area.

Masturbation's Dangers for Girls

  • Masturbating before marriage makes a girl's reproductive system more exposed to fungi, germs, and bacteria, resulting in an increase in vaginal secretions. If it rises too high, it might cause kidney failure due to the spread of fungus and viruses in the vaginal area.
  • Masturbation can result in infertility after marriage due to fungus and viruses in the uterus blocking the fallopian tubes.
  • The feeling of remorse and self-deprecation is one of the symptoms that girls experience as a result of performing this masturbation, and it is one of the sensations that severely impacts the girl's academics and capacity to comprehend.

Masturbation is on The Rise Among Girls for a Variety of Reasons

Unfortunately, a female may masturbate for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Spinsterhood, which has become a threat to many girls in the Arab world due to economic weakness and a delay in marriage age, which may expose the girl to masturbation rather than displacing their honour, has become a threat to many girls in the Arab world.
  • Some girls are harassed while they are young, which causes them psychological problems and causes them to engage in deviant behaviours such as masturbation.
  • A girl who is subjected to psychological pressure, whether at home or in the community where she lives, develops this behaviour as a way to cope with the stresses she is experiencing.
  • Wrong parenting causes a girl to be unable to discriminate between right and wrong in her behaviour, as she may not realise that her behaviour is causing her issues.
  • One of the most prevalent causes of psychological illnesses that affect the girl and cause her to resort to masturbation is family breakup.
  • Emotional emptiness is one of the reasons why a female will engage in this behaviour in order to emotionally resemble herself, especially if she is not attractive.
  • Accompanying poor companions who inspire each other in undesirable actions, especially as adolescence is one of the periods when girls are most influenced by their peers.

How do Girls Stop Masturbating?

Girls can take a number of steps to assist them stop masturbating, including:

  • You must have a strong will, accomplish something meaningful, and vow not to repeat this habit with your earnings.
  • Lots of prayer, adoration, and Qur'an reading, because becoming closer to God Almighty saves the girl from making mistakes in general.
  • Taking a cold bath every day before bed helps to relax the body and muscles, making the girl less inclined to engage in this form of masturbation.
  • Try to spend long periods of time alone in your room and avoid any free time that could lead to masturbating.
  • Try not to think about or watch what excites you, whether it's watching TV movies or dealing with individuals who thrill you.
  • Because satiety improves sexual desire, you should not consume a huge amount of food to the point of feeling full.

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