My Experience With Muscle Pain

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Description: Here is my experience with fibromyalgia, or what is scientifically known as fibromyalgia, a chronic syndrome that causes the patient to feel pain in
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My Experience With Muscle Pain

 Here is my experience with fibromyalgia, or what is scientifically known as fibromyalgia, a chronic syndrome that causes the patient to feel pain in multiple muscle areas of the body in ligaments and tendons, as well as feeling pain in other areas of the body with just simple pressure on them, and this syndrome also results in sleep disturbance. Constant feeling of fatigue, headache, bad mood, body stiffness when waking up in the morning, feeling numbness in several areas, and this syndrome affects the way the brain and spinal cord processes painful and non-painful signals, causing an increase in pain, and rates of myofascial pain syndrome increase among women More than men, and the chances of developing it increase with age, and there are many who have experienced fibromyalgia, which we review for you through the lines of this article on Since Few.

My Experience With Muscle Pain

Here are some experiences of patients with fibromyalgia:

  • One of the women says that since her birth she has suffered from constant pain in the back and abdomen, and she thought that these pains were due to childbirth and breastfeeding, but these pains continued even after weaning the newborn.
  • She adds that she was stressed and anxious all the time, and had trouble sleeping, as well as fatigue and a feeling of constant fatigue.
  • She explains that she decided to go to the doctor to find out the cause of these symptoms, who asked her to perform some tests and analyzes, which confirmed that she had fibromyalgia, and the doctor prescribed her medications and painkillers, and recommended that she do some exercises.
  • She notes that she adhered to the treatment and the doctor's advice, until her condition improved a lot, and she was able to carry out daily activities and tasks.

Cases Cured of Fibromyalgia

Another person recounts his experience, saying that he was suffering from several diseases, including muscle inflammation and knee pain, until he went to a doctor who diagnosed him and treated him with a method called neural terapy, in which the doctor determines the fault points in the body, and then uses anesthesia needles in the targeted areas, which are determined according to what he needs every body.

He pointed out that the treatment in this way is carried out on a daily basis, and lasts for a period ranging from two to three weeks.

Nervous Muscle Pain

  • Neuromyalgia, fibromyalgia or fibromyalgia syndrome is one of the most common causes of acute pain.
  • The patient feels the symptoms of this disease when he is exposed to severe psychological stress, or when he suffers from an infection, undergoes surgery or suffers a physical injury.
  • As for the causes of this syndrome, it is due to the presence of changes in the brain and spinal cord, where the proportion of some chemicals responsible for transmitting pain in the brain increases abnormally, as well as the creation of pain receptors in the brain a kind of sensitive pain memory, which exaggerates the response He did it about all things, whether they were painful or not.
  • As for the factors that result in these changes, they are genetic factors, when there are some genetic mutations that increase the chances of developing this syndrome.
  • In addition to physical injury, such as falls from heights or car accidents, the duration of this condition can be prolonged due to stress stimulation.
  • Diseases and infections that worsen or lead to fibromyalgia symptoms, repetitive injuries, and emotional and physical stress.
  • Among the factors that increase the chances of developing fibromyalgia is the presence of a family history of this disease, and the chances of infection are higher among women than men, and patients with lupus, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis are among the groups most susceptible to the syndrome.
  • This condition is diagnosed through a clinical examination and observation of symptoms, with several tests being performed, which are a blood test, a prolactin test, a vitamin D test, a cholesterol level test, a red blood cell movement speed test, and a rheumatoid factor level test.

Muscle Pain Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is indicated by the following symptoms:

  • Constant dull pain on both sides of the body, above and below the waist, on the shoulders, upper chest, the front of the neck, inside the knees, and at the back of the neck.
  • Constant feeling of fatigue as soon as you wake up from sleep, even if you get enough hours of sleep.
  • Feeling of pain leads to sleep disturbance and apnea during sleep.
  • The patient loses his ability to focus and pay attention naturally.
  • The patient is more sensitive to heat and cold than usual.
  • A feeling of cramping in the muscles and joints, especially after waking up in the morning.
  • Feeling pain in the face and jaws.
  • Other diseases such as migraines, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, rapid heartbeat, depression, stress and anxiety, temporomandibular joint disorder, cystitis, restless legs syndrome, menstrual pain, obesity.

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Doctors prescribe various treatments for fibromyalgia in order to alleviate the symptoms associated with this condition, and there is no unified treatment for all cases, each case has its own treatment, and medical treatments for this case do not go beyond the following:

  • Take pain relievers that reduce pain and relieve sleep disturbances, such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen sodium.
  • Take antidepressant medications that relieve some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia, such as constant pain and fatigue, such as milnacipran or duloxetine.
  • Taking medications that relax muscles and thus help you sleep, such as cyclobenzaprine, amitriptyline.
  • Taking anti-seizure medications that relieve the symptoms of the syndrome, the most prominent of which is pregabalin.

Muscle Pain Treatment At Home

The treatment of muscle pain is not limited to drug therapy only; Instead, doctors recommend following home tips:

  • Regular exercise, such as water sports, biking, swimming, and walking, as these exercises help reduce fibromyalgia symptoms, as well as relaxation and stretching exercises.
  • Getting enough time to sleep, while following healthy sleep habits such as going to bed and waking up every day at the same time, and not sleeping during the day, because regular sleep reduces the feeling of fatigue, and thus reduces muscle pain.
  • Maintain a healthy weight, and reduce the intake of foods full of fats and sugars that increase weight.
  • Allocate a sufficient daily period to rest and relax and stay away from everything that causes anxiety and stress.
  • Eating more healthy foods and drinks from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products, drinking more water, staying away from caffeinated drinks, and avoiding smoking.
  • Using various techniques to massage the muscles and soft tissues of the body, which helps to increase muscle comfort, reduce the heart rate, improve the movement of the joints, and increase the body's secretion of natural pain relievers.

Fibromyalgia Injections

Unlike previous treatments; There are many treatments classified as alternative medicine treatments, including:

  • Acupuncture through the skin to different depths, thus altering blood flow and levels of neurotransmitters in the brain and spinal cord, and these needles help reduce the severity of symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.
  • The method of treatment with Neural Therapy aims to activate the dormant damaged nerve cells so that they return to their normal work, because the inactivity of these cells results in the central nervous system not communicating with the sympathetic nerve, so the immune system in the body is weakened, and its resistance to diseases decreases, and once this defect is fixed, the central nervous system It works normally again, so the central nervous system stops the work of genetic disorders, and boosts the body's immune system.

And here we have come to the conclusion of our article, in which we presented My experience with muscle pain As we explained the causes of fibromyalgia, its symptoms and how to diagnose and treat it, follow more articles on Since Few.

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