The Best Hajj Campaigns 1443 - 2022

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Description: With the approaching date of Hajj and Umrah, many are wondering about The best Hajj Campaigns where many pilgrims need to know the best campaigns to r
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The Best Hajj Campaigns 1443 - 2022

With the approaching date of Hajj and Umrah, many are wondering about The best Hajj Campaigns where many pilgrims need to know the best campaigns to register in, and in this article presented to you by Since Few we will explain the best companies that carry out Hajj campaigns in general in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

The Best Hajj Campaigns

In this paragraph, we will present to you the best campaigns for Umrah and Hajj, knowing that these campaigns are among the oldest campaigns that carry out Hajj trips, and we have chosen them based on the pilgrims who participated in them before. Among the best campaigns are the following:

  • Al-Furqan Hajj campaign.
  • Elite Hajj campaign.
  • Charity campaign for Hajj.
  • Faisal Al Dhafiri Hajj campaign.
  • Al-Aswaf campaign for Hajj.
  • Qurashi Hajj campaign.
  • United Islam Campaign for Hajj.
  • Al Noor Hajj Campaign.
  • Al Hammad Hajj campaign.
  • Modern Duha Campaign.
  • Mamdouh bin Mohammed Qassem Moussalli campaign.
  • The campaign of Yassin Ali Aidarous al-Bar.
  • Al-Manar campaign to serve Umrah pilgrims
  • Al Noor Camp Campaign Limited.
  • United Outreach Campaign for Services Limited.
  • campaign ltd.
  • Adnan Abdul-Badi' Al-Yafi campaign and Co. Ltd.
  • Suns Taiba Campaign Ltd.
  • United Paradise Campaign Limited.
  • Saudi Maqam Campaign Limited.
  • Abdullah Saleh Al-Kaf and Co. campaign.
  • Saudi Curriculum Campaign Limited.
  • loader drive.
  • United Peace Campaign Ltd.
  • Al-Muhaimid Hajj Campaign.
  • Tafweej Campaign Limited.
  • Saif Al-Islam Campaign Limited.
  • Caravan Completion Ltd.

Pilgrims Companies and Institutions

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has approved a group of companies, which are responsible for supervising the Hajj and Umrah trips, and in this paragraph we will provide you with a table of the names of those companies.

Facility NameCityCompany
Badr Yousef Al Ahmad Foundation
the news555515170
49Abdul Latif Al Hammad FoundationDammam505804084
72Al-Duha Modern Foundationgrandmother502978428
105Al-Sadi Crown Foundation for its owner, Saleh Muhammad Nour Al-SindiMecca555505593
346Saeed Dakhil Al Rashidi FoundationMecca540029194
547Al-Fateh Campaign FoundationRiyadh555444007
590Talal Hassan Belgoun FoundationMecca505650472
617Elder Tree FoundationRiyadh555444736
631Talaat Ali Sebek FoundationMecca504503828
637Ahmed Fouad Arab FoundationMecca555596550
641Fahid Al-Qurashi FoundationMecca555510421
654Fakher Mansour Al-Suhaimi Foundationforamen505881319
667Saud Dhairan Al-Shlawi FoundationDammam555885788
719Atallah Majul Al-Hudhali FoundationMecca555501656
734Mamdouh bin Muhammad Qassem Mousli Foundationgrandmother505559994
757Makkah Caravan Foundation for Domestic Pilgrims ServicesKhafji505941789
772Mohammed Salem Al Hamdan FoundationKhamis Mushait555755740
781Al-Ghabban FoundationMadina El Monawara505308833
804Muhammad Khalid Muhammad Qadimi FoundationMahayel Aseer505751544
834My Window FoundationAl-Baha565773,000
860Saleh bin Assaf bin Mohammed Al Fakher Al-Qarni Foundationthe hedgehog504625201
861Yassin Ali Aidarous Al Bar Foundationgrandmother556023923
10100NSK Co., Ltd.Mecca550039707
10001Platforms of Faith Co. Ltd.Mecca555503384
10002Fifth Corner Hajj CompanyRiyadh506468051
10003Al-Manar Company to serve domestic pilgrims and Umrah pilgrimsgrandmother550080999
10004Mohammed Abdullah Al Qurashi & Partners CompanyMecca553526651
10005United Islam Company for the services of domestic pilgrims and Umrah pilgrimsMecca555508782
10006Al Noor Camp Co. Ltd.grandmother553333344
10007Al-Ifadah United Services Company Ltdgrandmother555611831
10008Saud bin Abdulaziz Al-Jumaiah and Partners Solidarity CompanyRiyadh505473639
10010Al-Furqan Hajj Campaign CompanyAlrass555135444
10011Mohsen Bin Salem Al Ahmadi & Partners CoMecca505507654
10012Al Haramain Delegates Solidarity CompanyTaif504713763
10013Al-Malabi Caravan Company Ltd.Mecca555175100
10014Prestige Company Limitedgrandmother505606638
10016Sama Al-Farouq Company for Domestic Pilgrims ServicesDammam595289502
10017Adnan Abdul Badi Al Yafi & Partners Co. Ltd.grandmother542545417
10018Saleh Shaher Ibrahim Zainy & Partners CoMecca555512494
10019Al-Aswaf Co. Ltd.Mecca505415671
10020Shams Taiba Co., Ltdgrandmother504591826
10021Al-Hashem Caravan Company LtdMecca507508077
10022Al Firdous United Company Ltd.grandmother505626280
10023Abdullah Bin Brik Al-Ammari & Partner CompanyMecca555507757
10024Rawahel Hajj Company Ltd.Mecca505501105
10026Saad bin Ibrahim Al-Huwaiji and Partners CoHasa555912303
10027Al-Manar Caravan CompanyRiyadh553335444
10028Abdullah Al-Ruwaizan and Mishaal Al-Rwaizan Joint Venture CompanyMecca555507969
10029Al Maqam Saudi Company Limitedgrandmother505616439
10030Abdullah Saleh Al Kaf & Partners Co.grandmother505645235
10031Al-Minhaj Saudi Co. Ltd.grandmother505603308
10032Mohammed Ahmed Shafei and Partners Company for the services of internal pilgrimsMecca565547555
10033Spectra Hajj Company Ltd.Mecca505617484
10036Albilad Company for Domestic Pilgrims Service Ltd.Mecca558651333
10037Hassan Abdullah Al-Qurashi and Muhammad Al-Qurashi CompanyTaif507433956
10038Saudi Al-Maaad Company LimitedMecca555564647
10039Fajr Al-Manasik Co. Ltd.Mecca541541394
10040Quraish Company Ltd.Mecca555524064
10041Message campaign companyzulfi536888885
10042Jewel Caravans for Hajj and Umrah Co. Ltd.Mecca555503117
10043Arab Immigration Company Ltd.grandmother505633057
10045Al-Khair Al-Makkiah Company for Domestic Pilgrims Services Ltd.Mecca555234090
10046Mohammed Abdul Hadi bin Khatla and Musleh Hamed Al Khuzaie CompanyMecca505593994
10048united sincerity companyRiyadh555765865
10050Bab Al Salam Company for Domestic Pilgrims Services Ltd.Mecca508668363

How to Register for The Best Hajj Campaign

Now that we know the best companies, and the most important Hajj and Umrah campaigns for this year, many of us need to know the registration steps, and that the registration is done electronically, as this service is used by pilgrims who are citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as people residing in it, in order to apply A request to perform the rituals of Hajj or Umrah, and registration requires visiting the official Hajj page, and the appropriate service is selected for the pilgrims, then the value of the program is paid electronically. In this paragraph, we will explain the steps.

  • First, the Hajj electronic path is accessed from Here.
  • Then we move to the electronic services tab.
  • Then we click on the list of booking services.
  • Then we choose a reservation request and then we enter the number of pilgrims and the city they follow.
  • Then you select the special program that suits the applicant.
  • Then we enter the pilgrims' data as well as all the required information.
  • We enter ID numbers for pilgrims as well as date of birth.
  • Then we click on the application registration, then the fees that must be paid will appear.
  • Then we complete the payment process in order to obtain the Hajj permit, after we pay the bill directly.

Hajj Campaign Prices 1443

Many people wonder about the prices of Hajj campaigns for this season, as the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has set prices for Hajj campaigns this year, for both residents as well as citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and that these prices are based on the package that the person seeks to join, The cost of fees is as follows:

  • Firmware fees amount to 3638 SAR.
  • The cost of the general program ranges from 6,835 Saudi riyals to 15,540 Saudi riyals.
  • The cost of the economic program ranges from 3,830 to 5,460 Saudi riyals.

Conditions of Hajj for This Season

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah jointly with the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and they set a number of rules and conditions, which must be met by everyone who applies to perform Hajj in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and all expatriates must abide by these conditions. Among these conditions are the following:

  • The applicant must have the Corona Virus Vaccine approved by the Ministry of World Health.
  • He must provide a certificate that he has received the vaccine.
  • Every person wishing to perform the Hajj must obtain two doses of the Corona vaccine approved in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • All pilgrims, as well as employees of the Great Mosque of Mecca, must wear a medical mask.
  • The result of the laboratory sample for the Corona virus must be negative.
  • This sample must be 72 hours in advance.
  • Social distancing must be observed.
  • Full commitment to preventive measures, and the group of pilgrims should not exceed one hundred pilgrims.

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