What is The Language of The People of Hell?

What is The Language of The People of Hell?


What is the language of the people of Hell God created us human beings, but we created different races. Each of us has a different form, and each race has its own language. Some of us speak English, French and Arabic, but they were not the first languages known to man. There are other languages such as Persian and Syriac, which are the first languages that arose on earth for that. In this article, Since Few gives you the answer you are looking for.

What is The Language of The People of Hell?

When researching this question in the Qur’anic verses and the Prophet’s biography and the knowledge that came from the Companions and the Followers, the scholars unanimously agreed that:

  • We never know what the language of the people of Hell is, because it was not mentioned in any explicit Qur’anic verse, and neither of the Companions of the Prophet asked about it nor did any information come to the Prophet about it. Therefore, there is no evidence of which language the people of Hell will speak to each other.
  • And rumors abounded in this regard, as some people invented that the people of Hell would speak Farsi, because they were the people who worshiped Hell, and among them were the Magi.
  • And some of them said that the people of Hell will speak the Syriac language, which is the language spoken by our master Adam, peace be upon him, and it was originally the mother tongue from which all languages ​​split afterwards. Provisions installed so it is most likely not correct.
  • In principle, a person should not search for what has not been mentioned, because there is nothing mentioned in it and I have not given fatwas on it from the people of knowledge. Rather, it is one of the things that a person is ignorant of about the Day of Resurrection and the next life.
  • Instead of searching for what does not benefit, there is no point in knowing the language spoken by the people of Hell. We must search, learn, and persevere in the acts of obedience that keep us away from Hellfire and its seven gates, and the painful punishment that the individual encounters in it. Therefore, they must pray to God to keep fire away from him and everything that brings him close to it. Whoever says or does, and that her body will be forbidden to her on the Day of Resurrection.

What is The Language of The People of Paradise?

Although a person always tries to know what his life will be like in Paradise and the bliss that he will live in, the Prophet - may God’s prayers and peace be upon him - told us that it contains what no human heart, eye, or hearing has occurred to him. As for the language that we will speak there:

  • There was no evidence in it since neither the Holy Qur’an nor the Prophet told us about the language that we will speak on the Day of Resurrection, nor the language in which God will address us in the account, nor the language of the people of Hell, nor the language of the people of Paradise. Start.
  • The jurisprudence in this question indicates that the people of Paradise will speak in the Arabic language, due to what was reported from the Prophet that he spoke about himself, saying, “I am an Arab, and the Qur’an is Arabic, and the tongue of the people of Paradise is Arab.” But the scholars agreed that this hadith is weak and that it is not accepted.
  • Therefore, the Muslim should not be preoccupied with matters about which he did not explicitly mention, because they distract him from the basic acts of worship that he must perform until he enters Paradise and speaks the language that its people will speak, whatever it is. Reciting the Qur’an, fasting in the month of Ramadan, memorizing the dhikrs, and other actions that, God willing, will make us among the people of Paradise.