World War I Between Who and Who?

World War I Between Who and Who?


World War I between who and who? This question is one of the most asked questions on various social media platforms and search engines in recent times, especially since the recent events that occurred between both the Russian Federation and the State of Ukraine made the whole world in a state of terror that they would take the world to the beginnings of the third world war.

Especially since the events that the world experienced after the outbreak of both the first and second world wars of destruction, horror and pain, are still alive in many peoples until now, especially since the economic and political crises that the world is going through, have always been one of the most important reasons that create tensions And the differences between the superpowers of the world, which eventually translate into the declaration of war on each other by countries.

Therefore, based on the questions that have recently increased about the details of the First World War, especially about the question about the parties to this war, especially since Russia was one of the parties to both world wars, and given the recent events of which Russia is also one of its parties, all the following lines will be included. Possible information about the details of the First World War, through our article.

World War I Between Maine and Maine

It is worth noting that the First World War, is one of the largest world wars causing destruction in modern history, especially since during this war more than ten million soldiers died, in addition to the number of civilian deaths, as a result of the effects of wars from artillery, bombs and others It is worth noting that the military casualties of this war exceed the number of war dead during the hundred years preceding the First World War, and accordingly many have questioned about the parties to this devastating war.

  • The First World War was in the year 1914 AD, and there were two groups of the most powerful countries in the world present on the political scene, so each of the two groups formed an alliance towards the other group. The Allied Powers, while the other side, known as the Axis Powers, might be Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Italy.
  • It is worth noting that at a later time in the First World War, both Austria-Hungary had declared war on the state of Serbia, but the one who confronted them in defense of the state was the Russian state, except that in the month of August, specifically on the fourth of the month, it joined the conflict Both Germany, France and England to the conflict over Serbia.
  • Especially since in November, the Ottoman Empire, which is currently Turkey, joined Germany and Austria, displacing the central powers, and then Italy joined Serbia, France, Russia and England as allies.

Causes of World War I Summary

The beginnings of the First World War were in the summer of 1914 AD, which was precisely not long after the assassination of “Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand”, as the First World War had lasted for up to four years and ended in 1918 AD, but it left Many painful effects, especially since more than twenty million people were killed, in addition to more than twenty-one million wounded, and it is worth mentioning that historians have dated many reasons that led to the outbreak of this global massacre, especially since the apparent reason for launching this war was The assassination of the Austrian Archduke, however, there were many hidden factors that were the cause of this war, which we will get to know together in the following.

Political and Military Alliances

  • Especially since in the time of imperialism, which was before the First World War, the countries of Europe were making alliances with each other, as based on these alliances, the countries within the alliance supported each other, especially in times of war.
  • Russia’s alliances with Serbia, France and Russia, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary, England, France and Belgium appeared, especially since China and England were two great powers, but in spite of that, the tripartite alliance between France, England and Russia had the greatest impact in generating Frictions between countries.
  • This is due to the fact that such an alliance revealed a sense of threat to a country like Germany, which led to the creation of a state of conflicts, a desire for countries to protect themselves and form strong alliances.

European Expansions

  • In the twentieth century, most European countries had many empires and colonies in all parts of the world, especially since they had been able to impose their control over very large areas of land, especially since before the First World War, the most powerful colonial powers in the world were the English and French army.
  • Especially since they owned the most powerful colonial places in the world, such as India, Vietnam, Western countries and the likes of Africa. It is worth noting that the expansion of empires was one of the most prominent hidden reasons that led to the emergence of the First World War.

The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

  • In the year 1914 AD, specifically on the day corresponding to the 28th of June, Gavrilo Princip carried out the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. It is worth mentioning that he was assassinated as a result of the fact that he was the heir of the Austro-Hungarian state.
  • Whereas on the day he was assassinated, he had traveled to Sarajevo, for the purpose of visiting the armed khat of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and while traveling in an open-top car, he was shot in the car carrying Franz and his wife by Pritzep.
  • It is worth noting that after Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, Austria-Hungary announced its last ultimatum to Serbia, which was rejected. The First World War, and the following will review together a picture of Principe, who carried out the assassination of Ferdinand.

Summary of the Results of the First World War

We had previously referred to the fact that the First World War is one of the largest and most dangerous wars that has passed in all modern history, and this is due to its effects and results, especially since this war lasted for four years, which led to the exhaustion of the whole world, and for this reason In the following, we will learn together the most prominent results of the First World War.

World War I Between Who and Who?

  • World War I led to the defeat of the Axis Powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey.\
  • The First World War was a watershed at the end of many colonies around the world.
  • In addition to the fact that the First World War, was the cause of the imbalance of the global economy, leaving the European continent mired in debt, while it led to the rise of the United States of America as one of the most powerful global industrial countries.
  • In addition to the fact that the First World War, was one of the most important reasons that led to the increase in inflation in many countries, especially since the German economy was severely affected as a result of its push for compensation.
  • Due to the movement of military forces around the world, this led to the spread of influenza, which led to the killing of millions around the world, even as their number reached twenty-five million people.
  • After the First World War ended, the world discovered that it needed an international body to work on consolidating the foundations and principles of peace in the world.

In the end, as we reached the conclusion point in our article that answered the question of the First World War between Maine and Maine, we would have indicated that the answer was that the parties to the First World War were the Axis Powers represented in Germany, Austria and Hungary, and the Allied Powers consisting of France, Russia and England.


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