Do Songs Make The Fast Invalid?

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Description: Is it True That Iistening to Music During Ramadan Invalidates The Fast? Fasting is recognised to have a number of spoilers and nullifiers, as evidence
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Do Songs Make The Fast Invalid?

Is it True That Iistening to Music During Ramadan Invalidates The Fast?

Fasting is recognised to have a number of spoilers and nullifiers, as evidenced by legal proof, but is listening to songs and nasheeds one of them? The reader will find a number of unique jurisprudential questions revolving around this topic in this article. Where the reader will find the ruling on listening to religious music and chants during fasting and after breaking the fast, as well as during mandatory and voluntary fasting, Ramadan, and other months.

Hearing songs during the holy month of Ramadan is not considered a spoiler of fasting, and thus the fasting of those who listened to songs during the holy month of Ramadan is judged to be healthy, unless the lyrics of the song stir his desire, causing him to ejaculate during fasting; in that case, his fast will be declared invalid, and the listener will have to make up an alternate day after the month of Ramadan.

Although listening to singing does not invalidate fasting, it does subtract from the fasting person's reward. Because listening to songs with filthy and obscene lyrics goes against the wisdom for which fasting was established; that is, piety. (O you who have believed, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become righteous). That is, while listening to tunes does not invalidate the Ramadan fast in and of itself, it does reduce the fasting person's reward.

Does Listening to Songs Eliminate The Fast ?

If songs are not among the nullifiers of fasting during Ramadan, they are a fortiori not among the nullifiers of fasting in any other month, and so it can be concluded that listening to songs during a missed fast does not invalidate the fast.

Does Listening to Songs Break The Fast Al Nawafil?

Listening to songs has the same effect on the validity of supererogatory fasting as it does on the validity of obligatory fasting. Listening to music does not invalidate fasting, and consequently, listening to music does not invalidate supererogatory fasting, just as it does not invalidate the fast of making up and fasting in Ramadan.

Is it Okay to Listen to Music After Breakfast?

The law regarding listening to music differs depending on the song's lyrics. It is not acceptable to listen to a song that contains profane remarks or explicit flirtation before or after breakfast. He should exercise caution and avoid exposing him to anything that would detract from his pleasure and excellence.

Is it Okay to Listen to Religious Music While Fasting?

Hearing religious songs that do not include music or a call to the forbidden during fasting is permissible and there is nothing wrong with it, as evidenced by the action of the Messenger of God - may God's prayers and peace be upon him - as he listened to his companions - may God be pleased with them - all of whom were chanting for him.

Is it Okay to Listen to Patriotic Songs While Fasting?

After answering all the previous questions, it can be said that the ruling on listening to songs is accompanied by the legal prohibitions that accompany the song. If it is accompanied by a legal prohibition, it is forbidden to listen to it, but if it is devoid of the legal prohibitions, then listening to it is permissible, and based on that, listening to patriotic songs that do not include rhythm is permissible during fasting and after breaking the fast.

What is The Law about Unintentionally Hearing Tunes in The Market or on The Street?

There is no sin on the one who unintentionally hears songs containing legal prohibitions in the markets or streets, if it is difficult to guard against listening to them, as long as he is not enjoying or inclined to them; there is a difference between listening and listening, and he must try to get rid of this place and forbid evil as much as he can.

Is it True That Listening to Music Makes Ablution Invalid?

Hearing songs is not considered one of the ablution nullifiers or one of the prayer nullifiers. As a result, anyone who hears singing, whether intentionally or unintentionally, has a valid ablution that does not negate what he heard.

How Can You Keep Oneself From Listening to Music?

It is not tough to give up singing and self-discipline. As a result, several methods will be discussed in this paragraph that can be used to practise self-discipline while listening to music:

  • The Muslim must know that listening to songs is one of the causes of hypocrisy and anxiety in the heart.
  • He must also understand that listening to music deprives him of the pleasure of listening to the Qur'an, and that doing so keeps him from attending remembrance assemblies, keeps him away from the company of the righteous, and causes him to forsake God's recollection.
  • Knowing that singing casts a veil over a Muslim's heart, preventing him from learning and from partaking in worship.
  • a true desire to repent and a serious decision to stop listening to music
  • There will be a lot of asking for forgiveness, a lot of remembering Allah at all times, and a lot of listening to the Qur'an instead of singing.
  • It brings tranquilly and reverence to the heart to seek out nice company and attend scientific and spiritual events.
  • Every night, he held himself accountable for the amount of time he spent listening to singing.
  • Seeking God Almighty's assistance and asking for His guidance and success in quitting listening to music.

My godly brother: Your fast must be genuine, and it should not be confined to abstaining from food, drink, or sexual activity. Rather, you must fast from all taboos in order to gain the wisdom you want. That is, it is the dread of God, the Most High, just as you must be careful not to be among those who are affected by the words of God's Messenger - may God's prayers and peace be upon him: (May the fasting person have nothing from his fasting but hunger, and the Lord who is standing has nothing from his standing but staying awake). And you must be fully aware that singing is a source of hypocrisy and heart illness, and that it deprives Muslims of the pleasure of listening to the Noble Qur'an, as well as placing a membrane over their hearts that stops them from enjoying the pleasure of worshipping God - Glory be to Him.

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