In Windows 11, How Can I Make a Virtual Desktop?

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Description: The Virtual Desktops feature is available not only in Windows 11, but also in Windows 10's previous version, providing customised arrangements for app
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In Windows 11, How Can I Make a Virtual Desktop?
In Windows 11, How Can I Make a Virtual Desktop?

The Virtual Desktops feature is available not only in Windows 11, but also in Windows 10's previous version, providing customised arrangements for applications in a different work issue on the screen, with the option of creating multiple virtual spaces and switching between them from the task view in the computer's bottom bar.

What Exactly is a Virtual Desktop?

The desktop is the window where you use all of your computer tools, or your storage space, which is hidden behind the windows or programmes.

Many machines running Windows 10 did not have the multi-screen feature, but that is no longer the case with the task view feature that is now accessible in Windows 11.

On the same machine, you can now have two virtual desktops and switch between them.

In The Virtual Desktop, There are Keyboard Shortcuts

It is possible to establish a virtual desktop using the cursor or the keyboard, as well as to control and switch between them if there are many virtual desktops.

If you prefer to type, you can rely on the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Press Windows, CTRL, and D to establish a new virtual desktop.
  • To access Task View, hit Windows and Tab at the same time.
  • To switch between several desktops, hit Windows and CTRL, then select the desired desktop with the left or right arrow.

In Windows 11, How Can I Make a Virtual Desktop?

You may build a virtual desktop in three different ways, each of which requires only one click.

The first method is

  • Move the cursor to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
  • The task view symbol can be found between the icons on this bar.
  • This icon's design consists of two overlapping squares in white and grey.
  • Please click on it.

The Second Approach is to

If you are unable to access this icon or want to use the keyboard rather than the pointer, proceed to the next step:

  • In addition to the Tab key, press the Windows key.

The Third Method is

If the icon for displaying the virtual desktop is not present when you click on it in the taskbar, take these steps:

  • In an empty area, stand with the cursor on the lower taskbar.
  • Select an empty spot in the taskbar with the right-click menu.
  • You will be presented with a range of options from which to choose to view tasks.

How Can I Use The Computer's Virtual Desktop?

After completing any of the preceding procedures, you should see a white window labelled New Desktop appear, while the old window will be labelled Desktop 1.

To see the new virtual desktop, click the add button in the new window.

By hitting Windows, CTRL, and the letter D on the keyboard, you can shorten the command.

With the same processes as before, you may now create an infinite number of virtual desktops.

Start by logging in to the new desktop and adding programmes and applications to it. The default desktop is not going to stay the same.

In Windows 11, How Do I Switch Between Numerous Desktops?

It's easy; simply place your cursor on the task view icon in the bottom taskbar, and it will display the windows that contain virtual desktops. Select the desktop you wish to work on right now.

Apps Can be Moved Between Several Desktops

If you wish to relocate a specific application from the old virtual desktop to the new one or vice versa, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the application's location on your desktop.
  • Drag the application to the main task view button by standing on it with the cursor.
  • Wait for a tiny window to appear on the old desktop and then drag the app into it.
  • It will be directly transferred.

In Windows 11, How Can I Delete a Virtual Desktop?

If you've finished the virtual desktop and want to close it so that it doesn't take up too much of your computer's random memory, you can do it now by following these steps:

  • Place your pointer on the bottom bar's task view button.
  • It will display all of the desktops you've made.
  • There is an X icon at the top of each of them; click it.
To switch between them, press the Windows button and Tab, then touch the X symbol when the mini-window displays.

In Windows 11, How Can I hide the Task View button?

If you're worried that your youngster would frown at the task view and create a lot of virtual desktops, you can remove this button from the bottom taskbar by following the steps below:

  • Place your pointer on the taskbar.
  • Select the Taskbar Settings option from the drop-down menu.
  • It will take you to the settings and open the personalization page and taskbar for you.
  • Look for the Task View tool now.
  • The Off button is located in front of it; click it.
Of course, if you want this choice to show in the lower taskbar again, follow these steps and then activate and turn it on again.

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