Is it True That Wearing Makeup During a fast Makes it Invalid? Various Types

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Description: Is it Permitted for a Woman to Fast While Wearing Make-Up? Many people believe that if a woman fasts and then puts make-up on her face or lips, the fa
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Is it True That Wearing Makeup During a fast Makes it Invalid? Various Types

Is it Permitted for a Woman to Fast While Wearing Make-Up?

Many people believe that if a woman fasts and then puts make-up on her face or lips, the fast is quickly invalidated; however, makeup does not invalidate the fast if it does not cross the lips, because it is neither food nor drink, and God Almighty has forbidden us to eat or drink while fasting, and God has not commanded us to do so. To throw away the decorations, and the Almighty added, “And eat and drink until the white thread is distinct to you from the black thread of dawn.”

Cosmetics are forbidden unless they are for the husband, or if they are not worn in front of women, or if they are hidden below the veil, and so on. When it comes to fasting, lipstick breaks the fast if used on a fasting day because it dissolves in the stomach. There is a distinction between kohl and kohler. When it comes to face makeup that isn't based on lipstick or that isn't based The cochlea is attached to the cheek or face and falls into the pores. It does not reach the stomach and does not inhibit fasting, whether it is permitted or not. In the midst of a fast.

When it comes to kohl, the correct answer is that it does not break the fast because the eye is not a natural outlet like the nose, mouth, or anus, and all ointments applied to the outer skin, whether penetrating or non-penetrable, and whether for healing or moisturising, or for adornment and cosmetics or otherwise, do not break the fast if the person does not swallow it. The existence of taste in the stomach of a fasting individual has no effect on fasting as long as it is not accompanied with swallowing something. When Sheikh Ibn Baz was asked about it, may God have pity on him, he said: What is the ruling on using kohl and some cosmetics for women during the day in Ramadan? Does this break the fast or not? He replied: “Kohl does not break the fast for women or men, according to the most correct statements of scholars at all, but using it at night is better for the fasting person.

Because cosmetics applied to the skin do not reach the abdomen, they do not break the fast, allowing a woman to apply makeup and other items to her skin. In worship, whether male or female, he should avoid everything that arouses desire, which is why believers are recommended not to use fragrances or cosmetics throughout Ramadan.

The same may be said for products used to enhance the appearance of the face, such as soap, lotions, oils, and other skin-care products, such as henna and make-up. In response to the verdict on a fasting person using an ointment to relieve dry lips, he said: 

"There is nothing wrong with a man wiping his lips and nose with an ointment or wetting it with water or a piece of cloth or the like, but he must avoid anything reaching his throat to remove the roughness, and if something comes inadvertently, nothing is required of him, as if he had washed his mouth and the water had fallen by accident." It does not cause a break in the fast." "The fatwas of the experts of the sacred country," stated Sheikh Ibn Jibreen, may God preserve him.

  • “There is nothing wrong with applying fat to the body during fasting when needed, because the oil wipes the surface of the skin only and does not penetrate the body, so if it enters the pores it does not break the fast.”

Fasting Nullifiers

There are several stories concerning various court judgements, the most notable of which are some of the concerns that make fasting impossible throughout the blessed month of Ramadan, and these invalidations are the subject of much debate. The judiciary and penance, which, according to experts, invalidates fasting, are separated into two sections:

The fast is invalidated by everything that comes out of the body and weakens it, such as intercourse, vomiting, menstruation, cupping, and the discharge of menstrual and postpartum blood. "Is it not if she does not pray and fast?" the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, stated at the time. Al-Bukhari narrates that the woman must cease fasting and break the fast as soon as the blood appears. Menstruation or childbirth, and one of the most crucial prerequisites for fasting is menstruation-free status, because a woman's body will be weak and she will be unable to fast.

Though she menstruates, even if it is just before sunset, her fast is void; nevertheless, if she feels his coming or agony and does not come out until after sunset, her fast is valid. Her fasting is valid, and in these cases the body is at its weakest, so God made his appearance invalidate the fast, because the body is not able to withstand fasting due to its weakness, so it is not permissible to increase fatigue, because one of the most important conditions for the validity of fasting is the health of the body.

Filling the body with food and drink, because it negates the noble objective of the fasting hypothesis, and God Almighty said: "Now, they will be broken and grabbed what God wrote to you and they and drink until the white thread of the black thread of dawn then I did fast for the night."

The consensus of scholars also indicated that using an asthma inhaler or nasal spray while fasting is harmful, because their use introduces a liquid into the stomach in the form of a spray that has an effective effect, and the patient who needs him for fasting can break his fast, but he must refrain from fasting if fasting harms him, after which he decides what to do. If his condition is urgent and he is unsure whether he will be cured or whether it will persist, such as chronic diseases and those associated with old age, he does not have to compensate as long as there is an excuse.

Also, during Ramadan, a fasting person may use toothpaste and a toothbrush during the day, provided that the mouth is well cleaned of toothpaste's effects, which must not leak down the throat and have no effect after the paste has been removed. When the items are available, we find that the spoilers of fasting are achieved: 

  • Good understanding of what makes fasting invalid.
  • Remember the fasting nullifiers.
  • Intention, and the heart is the place of intention.

From the foregoing, we can deduce that fasting is not invalidated by any of the invalidators except for the three conditions listed above, and that if a fasting person is forced to break his fast and surrenders to it out of fear of harm, his fast is still valid because what he did was not of his own free will, just as a wet dream fast is valid. Because the sleeper has no intention of having intercourse, the fast of a woman whose husband forces her to do so is valid, because she did so against her will.

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