5 of The Most Significant Female Inventions!

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Description: Women's Contributions to Scientific Progress If it weren't for the studies of researchers and specialists who lauded women for pioneering scientific
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5 of The Most Significant Female Inventions!

Women's Contributions to Scientific Progress

If it weren't for the studies of researchers and specialists who lauded women for pioneering scientific advancement, it would be difficult to forecast the tasks committed to both of them and the amount to which the obligations allotted to the two sides differed. Egyptian women performed medicine in ancient times, and the physician Merit Ptah, who lived between 2700 and 2500 BC, occupied the role of senior physician, according to inscriptions inscribed on her grave.

Women received 50% of doctoral degrees in medicine and biomedical sciences distributed to students in American and British universities in the early twenty-first century, and it is worth noting that women continue to play an important social role today: they have proven their worth in various fields such as industry, natural resource management, education sectors, and community management, and have occupied high positions and run businesses.

This is What Women Have Invented Since Ancient Times Until Now

 Who Created The Diaper?

To know, dear, that Marion Donovan was the one who saved you from the ugliness of getting rid of your child's dirt and the agony of cleaning his clothes, the idea came after Marion was frustrated by the scourge of frequently changing dirty fabrics diapers for her young children and their bed sheets and clothes, and decided to make a dry diaper that prevents the bathroom from leaking, so I took a shower machine. Sewing to finish the first product for a leak-proof and water-resistant baby diaper after multiple attempts.

Who Created The Monopoly?

Elizabeth Phillips, who worked in the printing industry after moving to Washington, DC, and obtained her first patent for a typewriter, was inspired to create a game to teach her colleagues and friends about the anti-monopoly theories of politician and economist Henry George, who believed in the concept of transferring the burdens of paying taxes imposed on land to the owners The wealthy.

Whence Came The Dishwasher?

Josephine Cochrane is the granddaughter of John Fitch, the inventor of the dishwasher and recognised for his discoveries with steam. He developed a dishwasher that can clean various sizes of filthy plates, cups, and plates by placing them flat within a copper kettle with a motor that allows soapy water to stream over the utensils.

Who Created The Paper Bag?

Margaret Knight is the inventor of more than 25 innovations, including paper bags, shoemaking machines, and window frames. Margaret is one of the strong women who surmounted obstacles; her concept for creating paper bags was stolen by a guy who worked with her in the paper plant that housed her innovation machine, and she battled him by filing a lawsuit and won it in order to receive the patent in 1871 AD.

Who invented The Windshield Wiper in a Car?

Mrs. Anderson was travelling in her carriage in New York City on a particularly snowy day in the early twentieth century when she came up with the concept of designing a windshield wiper for carriages that could be operated from the inside. It's worth noting that its creation was rubber blades close to the outside glass that can be moved using a lever located inside the car, which can be manually manipulated .

The Nobel Prize for Women's Share

Between 1901 and 2019, the Nobel Prize and the Economic Sciences Prize for Women were awarded 54 times, and the scientist Marie Curie was awarded this prize twice: once in the field of physics in 1903 and again in the field of chemistry in 1911, and we present to you some of the names who won this award :

  • Donna Strickland is a physicist who pioneered a method for producing high-intensity, extremely brief light pulses in the field of laser science.
  • In medicine and physiology, Barbara McClintock developed mobile genetics.
  • Attorney Shirin Ebadi for her dedication to democracy in the field of peace and her fight for women's and children's rights.
  • For her continuous work to abolish the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict, activist Nadia Murad was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Pearl Buck was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1938 for her epic depictions of peasant life in China and her autobiographical books.

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