5 A Very Scary Experience

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Description: An introduction to A Frightening Experience Expressing a frightening experience that occurred to you at some point is straightforward since it will
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5 A Very Scary Experience
5 A Very Scary Experience

An introduction to A Frightening Experience

Expressing a frightening experience that occurred to you at some point is straightforward since it will appear as if you are expressing a past occurrence, and so you will utilise the past tense in the English language and support the events of the experience with the words that symbolise it.

A Short Essay on A Terrifying Experience

Someone Crying May be Heard

I was awakened by the sound of crying coming from someplace in the house one night. It was really loud, so I followed the sound until I found it coming from the downstairs bathroom. I heard my younger sister crying, but she had gone on a trip with my uncle's family, so I took a chance and opened the bathroom door. Because I was sweating from anxiety, I turned on the lights and opened the door, but there was no one inside, and the crying stopped. Then I called my sister to double-check that she was still there. My uncle's relatives

Old Ghost

It was approaching midnight when my pals and I went to visit a friend's cemetery. While we were chatting about him in front of his tomb, we noticed an elderly woman dressed in white, worn clothes who asked us to assist her. We merely rushed towards the car as she approached us slowly at first, then fast. Suddenly, the elderly lady appeared in front of us, and it was impossible for her to arrive at this location so soon, and I'm not sure how we got out so quickly. This was the first time I felt afraid, and I believe my pals feel the same way.

Dream come True

I had a dream when I was three years old that a man was following me with a saw in an ancient house with green walls and wooden floors. I was able to flee by jumping from the second to the first level, where I awoke in my father's bed.

After many years, my family travelled on vacation to a seaside town, where we stayed in an old house, and upon entering the house, I discovered that it was the same house that I had dreamed about when I was three years old, because I had not forgotten the specifics of that dream. I knew this site was haunted after returning because of the killings that occurred there two centuries ago.

Little Girl

When I was eight years old, I went on a tour with my parents to see one of the old houses, and the guide informed me that the girl who was killed in this house looked like me because she was my age. I went to the window and noticed that my hair was moving despite the lack of air, so I turned to see a blonde girl with long hair wearing long white clothes; I couldn't move at the time, and my mother took me in fear because of what I sounded like; we then left this house, and I haven't forgotten about it until now.

Camp girl

When I went camping in the woods with my buddies, there were many burning carriages, and we slept near to one of them. We heard a loud screaming sound about 3 a.m., so we awoke to see one of our friends screaming, her eyes were completely dark, and she was jumping high and fast, then she abruptly felt on Earth. She couldn't remember anything when she awoke.

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