Will Mia Khalifa Make Her Malayalam Debut?

Will Mia Khalifa make her Malayalam debut?
Mia Khalifa

Omar Lulu, the director of Chunkzz 2, is perplexed by the reactions to news that Mia Khalifa may star in his film Chunkzz 2. "They said it's conceivable to try for someone like Mia Khalifa because we have a deal with a Bollywood production business." In a week, we'll find out. However, the story appears to have gone global by now. Mia's reach was unknown to me until now. "However, if everything goes well, she will be in our film," he continues.

According to him, the crew approached Mia Khalifa because the story demanded it. "In the film, a porn star visits Kerala, and four Malayali teenagers accompany her. Mia Khalifa portrays a porn star and will be seen in the film as herself. It's a straight-up comedy."

Sunny Leone's trip to Kerala influenced the plot, as expected. So why not Sunny for the part? "Sunny Leone has appeared in several films. We wanted someone new because we were also in the South. Sunny, on the other hand, will always be a possibility for us," he says.

The rest of the cast will be made up of strangers, and Honey Rose's fate has yet to be determined, he says. However, a representative for the actress is claimed to have refuted the rumours, according to reports.

Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese-American social media sensation, had a successful adult star career for a year.