Discover The Top 20 Creatures on The Verge of Extinction

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Description: What are the top 20 most endangered animals? What are the top 10 endangered animals? What is the most endangered animal 2021? What is the #1 most enda
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Top 20 Creatures on The Verge of Extinction
Creatures on The Verge of Extinction

According to a new poll, nearly seven out of ten persons in the United States are unaware of endangered species.

According to South West News Service, a study of 2,000 Americans revealed that 68 percent of them are not "extremely knowledgeable" on which species are prospering and which are on the verge of extinction.

In fact, over a third of adults (30%) agreed that animal extinction isn't even "on their radar."

Sea turtles (81%) and the Sumatran rhino (81%) are both severely endangered, according to more than eight out of ten respondents.

Even after the late Koko, a Western lowland gorilla famous for learning American Sign Language, and her teacher, animal psychologist Francine "Penny" Patterson, brought attention to these highly intelligent apes, the majority of those polled (83 percent) were unaware that Koko's species is on the verge of extinction.

Red Panda

Discover The Top 20 Creatures on The Verge of Extinction

The cute red panda has been proven to be one of the endangered animals that would irritate Americans more than drive it to extinction.

Fish Tuna (Thunnus)

Fish Tuna (Thunnus)

Bluefin tuna is harvested and treasured as a delicacy; nevertheless, only 18% of Americans are aware that some bluefin tuna populations are declining.


Discover The Top 20 Creatures on The Verge of Extinction

Mountain gorillas, like the one depicted, are severely endangered in both the western and eastern hemispheres.

Sea Lions

Discover The Top 20 Creatures on The Verge of Extinction

While California sea lions (seen) are considered safe, other sea lion species, such as those from Australia and New Zealand, are in grave danger.

Despite Jane Goodall's considerable work with chimps, participants were unaware that several ape species, including chimps, gorillas, orangutans, and bonobos, are critically endangered. He demonstrates that, when it comes to conservation, even the most respected members of the animal kingdom - and humans' closest evolutionary cousins, no less - are disregarded by the general public.

Respondents were most concerned about losing sea turtles, blue whales, and the red panda, among the numerous species threatened with extinction (over 8,000).

The majority of responders (68%) indicated they want to see more done to prevent species extinction. Only 41% wanted greater education on the matter, while 38% wanted the media to pay more attention to endangered species.

Despite the fact that most participants agreed that habitat degradation, hunting, and climate change were the primary causes of animal extinction, 37% claimed they wouldn't know how to save these species even if they wanted to.

The research was commissioned by smartphone manufacturer OPPO and performed by OnePoll in collaboration with the National Geographic Society to promote the nonprofit's animal conservation activities.


Discover The Top 20 Creatures on The Verge of Extinction

Only 20% of Americans are aware that the African woodland elephant is endangered, according to the report.

African Dog

Discover The Top 20 Creatures on The Verge of Extinction

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, just approximately 6,600 African dogs remain, despite the fact that only 18 percent of Americans are aware of their plight.

Balaenoptera musculus

Discover The Top 20 Creatures on The Verge of Extinction

Blue whales are one of the most well-known endangered species, and they are among the animals that would be most missed if they became extinct.


Discover The Top 20 Creatures on The Verge of Extinction

The number of Galapagos penguins is declining, despite the fact that just 18 percent of Americans are aware of this.

"As research demonstrates, there are tremendous shifts in the animal realm that grownups are unaware of," said William Liu, OPPO's head of global marketing.

Along with the more well-known creatures, the poll discovered that "many are inquisitive" about how to aid less common endangered species so that they don't lose some of the ones that don't immediately spring to mind — showing that "understanding [this] contribution unique in the world."

It should come as no surprise that responders were fully aware that saber-toothed tigers, woolly mammoths, and dodos had already become extinct.

The top 20 Endangered Animals

 sorted by the percentage of adults who were previously aware they were on the verge of extinction, are as follows:

  • Asian elephant 22%
  • Red panda: 21%
  • Blue whale: 20%
  • Mountain gorilla: 20%
  • African African elephants: 20%
  • Sumatran sole: 20%
  • Across the Gorilla River: 20%
  • Sunda Tigers: 19%
  • Sea turtle: 19%
  • Javan rhino: 19%
  • Sumatran elephant: 19%
  • Galapagos penguins: 19%
  • Fin whale: 19%
  • Hawksbill turtle: 18%
  • Sea lions: 18%
  • African Gog: 18%
  • Ganges dolphin: 18%
  • Black-footed ferret: 18%
  • Bluefin tuna: 18%

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