How to Get Around Any Xiaomi Phones MI Account


How to Get Around Any Xiaomi Phones MI Account
Xiaomi Phones MI Account

Some Xiaomi phone users are having trouble bypassing the MI account associated with the phone, where they are prompted to enter the account's password after the phone has been formatted or when performing a factory reset, and occasionally when updating the system if the account is not logged out first.

The user will get the notice "This device is locked" when the phone is unlocked. This device is tied to a MI account that already exists. To verify the device, you must input the password for security reasons."

Fortunately, there are various methods for bypassing the account and unlocking the phone, and resetting the password for the Xiaomi account is the simplest and fastest option as long as you have access to the account's phone number.

How to Get Around Any Xiaomi Phones MI Account

  1. Press the lock icon next to the message at the top of the screen. This gadget is repeatedly locked until a code is displayed at the bottom of the screen (mostly you will need ten consecutive taps)
  2. To acquire the verification code, insert the SIM card linked with your account into a different phone.
  3. Go to the Xiaomi unlock page from the other phone.
  4. Enter the code that showed on the locked phone in the first step in the unlocking number area. You can put your phone's IMEI number instead if you already have it.
  5. Where did you get this gadget? China is the best option.
  6. At the bottom of the page, click Next.
  7. A message will appear, containing some of the numbers connected with your account's phone number. Yes, reset the password/phone number if you have access to this number.
  8. On the following page, select Reset Password.
  9. On the following page, type in your phone number and then click Next.
  10. After you've completed the verification, tap Send to get a verification code sent to your phone number.
  11. In the field provided, enter the code number you received via a brief message, then press Submit.
  12. After you confirm the code, a screen will appear asking you to reset your MI account password. Enter a new password and click Submit.
  13. Now, go to the locked phone and push the activate button.
  14. When prompted for a password, enter the new one you created in the previous step, then click Activate.
  15. The smartphone will be unlocked once you've completed the preceding procedures. All you have to do is follow the same instructions as any other new unlocked phone.