The Best Free Alternative to Alexa for Website Ranking

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Best Free Alternative to Alexa
Best Free Alternative to Alexa

The Best Free Alternative to Alexa for Website Ranking

Amazon announced the intention to discontinue, a well-known web traffic measurement and ranking tool, 25 years after it was first launched. On May 1, 2022, the cherished analytics tool that has been utilised by publishers, bloggers, and website owners for years will be discontinued. What is it?

Not to be confused with the Alexa voice assistant, San Francisco-based online analytics firm (formally known as Alexa Internet) was established in 1996. Thanks to its worldwide ranking methodology, which examined online traffic statistics from its partners to compile a list of the most well-known internet firms, it swiftly gained notoriety in the digital community. The precise position a business occupies on this list is known as its "Alexa Rank," with lower ranking numbers denoting the greatest traffic (i.e., Google is always ranked #1).

15 years before the digital juggernaut and retailer introduced its Smart Speaker with the same name, Alexa was later purchased by Amazon in 1999.

The top substitutes

Regardless of the cause of the shutdown, it is obvious that digital marketers that depend heavily on Alexa's insights require a replacement. If that describes you, don't panic; we've gathered a list of comparable analytics solutions that you can use right now below.

1. Similarweb

Do you only require a quick comparison of site traffic? Try Similarweb first. With Similarweb, you can monitor engagement and geo-specific traffic analytics as well as the region, nation, and category rankings of millions of websites.

Similarweb is a good substitute if comparing website traffic was your main use case for

2. Semrush

Popular content marketing platform Semrush offers strong SEO and website research capabilities. It was introduced in 2008 and includes a wide range of capabilities that assist businesses with sponsored search advertising, market research, and SEO.

Semrush is a trustworthy alternative to for keyword research and traffic statistics, and it is used by millions of digital marketers worldwide.

3. Ahrefs

Another well-known alternative to is Ahrefs, which is well-known in the digital marketing industry. The Ahrefs tool is a favourite among SEO professionals since it can track site rankings and help with optimization, competitive analysis, and keyword research.

The platform Ahrefs analyses almost 12 billion terms across 10 different search engines, and it is well known for its quality data measures.

4. SpyFu

SpyFu is another substitute that is worthwhile using. You can watch keyword ranks, see rival PPC keywords, check competitor organic keywords, check competitor backlinks by term, and do a lot more with SpyFu.

Once the information has been obtained, you have the option of exporting it as an Excel, CSV, or PDF file. The paid subscription allows you unrestricted access to data, data exports, more than a decade's worth of historical data, and API access, while the free version includes a respectable number of features as well.

5. Ubersuggest

Consider the user-friendly tool Ubersuggest if you're new to the realm of online traffic rankings. You may get domain overviews, a dashboard of the highest-ranking sites, keyword recommendations, content inspiration, and backlink data with Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest is a good option despite not having as many features as some of the other services on this list because of its straightforward user interface and useful features in the free edition.

6. Serpstat

Serpstat is another choice if you're searching for a tool to help with keyword research, domain analysis, rank tracking, site audit, and competition analysis. Serpstat has all of the capabilities you would anticipate from an SEO tool, much like the aforementioned Semrush and Ahrefs, but its data volume is not quite as large as the rivals.

7. Intricately

Look no farther than Intricately for an alternative if you're a cloud vendor who has previously used to target accounts based on Alexa Rank. Our Global Sensor Network tracks the traffic patterns of over 9 million companies, and our Smart Lists serve as personalised search engines that let sellers select accounts by items, suppliers, use cases, spend, and other criteria.

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