How Can I Tell If My Phone Is Hacked? And How Do I Fix It?

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How Can I Tell If My Phone Is Hacked? And How Do I Fix It?
Phone Is Hacked

I'm not sure whether my phone has been hacked. Or is there a bug in the system? This is a common message we get from users who believe their phone is acting oddly and want to know whether their phone has been hacked. And what symptoms are there? How can this issue be resolved?

The thought of someone hacking our phones causes millennials like us the most worry. In fact, if you don't take some of the precautions against Android hacks, we really have nightmares about this specific situation. Although it might feel that way right now, the fact is that phone hacking is not the end of the world. Don't panic; with the help of the information we're about to provide you, you can regain control of both your phone and your life.

How Can I Tell if My Phone Has Been Compromised?

Your phone may have been hacked and the harm has already been done if it is performing the following routinely:

Pop-ups that seem odd or inappropriate: Your phone may have been hacked and includes malware files if it displays bright or flashing adverts or offensive material.

You didn't make the calls or send the texts: Your phone may be hacked if you start receiving texts or calls that you didn't create.

Android users are using more data than usual: There are several causes for increasing data use (for example, increased usage of a new app). It's time to take a look, though, if your phone's behaviour stays the same and your data use has increased.

How Can I Tell If My Phone Is Hacked? And How Do I Fix It?
Verify of mobile data consumption

Apps on your phone that you're unfamiliar with: Keep in mind that new phones sometimes come pre-downloaded with apps. But if you start to see additional apps appearing after you already possess the phone, it may be a hack. It is advised to remove malicious software and dubious apps from your phone.

Battery emptying quickly: If your phone's usage patterns stay the same, but the battery drains more quickly than normal, the major suspect may be that it has been compromised.

How Can I Tell If My Phone Is Hacked? And How Do I Fix It?
Check the mobile battery consumption

How is it Possible to Hack my Phone?

There are several ways for hackers to access your phone, but virtually all of them demand your participation. As Kaspersky explained, for instance, your phone may be hacked if you:

  • Download a harmful app: Only choose apps from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to prevent downloading ones that could be infected with malware. Additionally, you ought to carefully investigate the app's creator. For instance, the sole developer mentioned for the Gmail app is Google LLC. Read the app reviews before you go. The vast majority of reviews need should be favourable.

How Can I Tell If My Phone Is Hacked? And How Do I Fix It?
delete harmful applications android

  • Avoid clicking any embedded links, download files, or attachments if you get an email or text message from an unknown source. There's a chance that it has malware in it. When exploring the internet, if you come across a link that seems questionable, check it with a security programme like Norton Safe Web before clicking it.
  • Use unprotected public Wi-Fi: Using your phone to browse on unprotected Wi-Fi increases the likelihood that your phone may be compromised. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for encryption and internet privacy to keep your conversations more safe.

What Should I Do if I Find Out My Phone Has Been Hacked?

There are a few measures you may take to fix your phone if you've already determined that it's been compromised. We advise you to inform your contacts that your phone has been hacked and that they should not click on any links they may have gotten from you that appear dubious before you start. You can also do the following actions:

Delete suspicious apps: As you are probably well aware, downloading a dubious app is a frequent way for dangerous files to enter your phone. If you discover that it has been compromised, take sure to inventory your programmes and remove everything that originated from a third party (in other words, an app outside of the Apple App Store or Google Play Store). Verify that any applications you've just downloaded are from reputable, well-rated developers. Delete them from your phone if they don't comply with these requirements.

Run antivirus software: This programme can assist you in locating and destroying any dangerous files that may be hiding on your phone. Even though you should perform this operation on a regular basis, if you haven't begun yet, this is the perfect opportunity.

Reset your phone: A factory reset will usually get rid of the harmful files that led to the attack. It is crucial to back up this data before resetting your smartphone because doing so will destroy all of the data that is currently on it, including contacts, notes, and images.

Change your passwords because it's conceivable that your login credentials were compromised along with your phone. Reset all passwords and make new ones for each account after removing the harmful files.

How Can I Safeguard My Smartphone?

Malicious files may infect your phone in a number of methods, some of which we've already covered. You can help prevent them by regularly scanning applications, carefully inspecting links before clicking on them, and avoiding public Wi-Fi. Here are a few tips for protecting your phone.

  • Don't keep sensitive or vital information on your phone, including credit card numbers. Or you may save it in a safe app.
  • When not in use, turn off Bluetooth, or find out how to protect yourself against bluetooth hacks.
  • Installing the most recent software updates as soon as they are available can help to secure your phone.
  • Regularly check your phone for indications of strange activity, such as unexpected pop-up windows or sudden battery depletion.
  • Although the prospect of a phone hack is undoubtedly terrifying, the good news is that by doing the actions listed above, you can prevent a phone from being hacked (or fix the problem, if it has already happened). Always keep an eye on your phone's activities, and choose wisely what you tap, download, and save.

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