How to Resolve The Issue Where PUBG New State Crashes Right After Installation

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Description: How to Resolve The Issue Where PUBG New State Crashes Right After Installation - PUBG New State has been formally released by Crafton for the Android
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How to Resolve The Issue Where PUBG New State Crashes Right After Installation
PUBG New State 

PUBG New State has been formally released by Crafton for the Android and iOS platforms for the iPhone. Since PUBG New State promises higher graphics, graphics, and a PC-like gaming mechanism on the mobile platform, it has been eagerly anticipated by the same players who gave its predecessor, PUBG Mobile, a huge boost in popularity among mobile gamers.

Android users, on the other hand, have reported that PUBG New State frequently crashes on their devices and sends them to a web page. Here is a short explanation of how to stop the PUBG New State game from closing and resolve errors that prevent the game programme from starting on your phone.

As an update to the well-known PUBG Mobile game, KRAFTON has officially published PUBG New State. However, Android players were complained about the game crashing on their smartphones at the time of launch.

If you're having trouble playing PUBG New State on your device, are you experiencing this issue as well? Here is a simple fix! Here's how to resolve Android PUBG New State crash difficulties.

On an Android phone, PUBG New State crashes and won't launch

Android players have recently complained that when they try to open PUBG New State on their phones, the new game does not open. On addition, when users attempt to launch the app, the game crashes and they are instead taken to a web page in the browser.

On an Android phone, PUBG New State crashes and won't launch
PUBG New State 

According to the website, in order to avoid cheating, the game will automatically switch off if the system detects any background third-party applications. Additionally, it warns gamers not to try to play PUBG New State on an Android emulator since they risk the game crashing.

However, the developer choices are the main cause of PUBG New State crashing for Android players. If developer settings are enabled on Android cellphones, according to KRAFTON, PUBG New State won't launch.

How to Fix the Android PUBG New State Exit Problem

You must disable developer options on your Android smartphone in order to resolve the PUBG New State Crash and App Not Opening difficulties:

  • On your Android smartphone, launch the " Settings " app.
  • In the Settings app's search menu, look for Developer options. If you can't find it, it's not turned on.
  • Developer options should be selected.
  • By clicking it once, the developer options choice can be turned off.

It should be noted that because there are numerous Android interfaces, accessing developer options will differ depending on the device. The most effective approach to obtain developer options is through the search bar.

This ought to fix the crash problem with PUBG New State. If the issue nevertheless persists, adhere to the instructions below.

Even After Disabling Developer Options, New PUBG Status Crashes

Users should try the following techniques if their game still crashes even after they disable developer options.

1. After turning off the developer settings, restart your phone

Some devices might need to restart in order to alter the developer options at the system level because of the wide range of Android skins that are currently on the market. The apps you have installed on your device will be able to recognise the change in settings once you disable developer options with just a simple restart.

2. PUBG New State's cache should be cleared

The game may occasionally save logs of the actions taken while it was open. Sadly, if you do this, the game can continue to fail even after you disable developer settings.

The new PUBG status cache must be cleared:

  • Long-pressing the symbol will take you to the PUBG New State app details.
  • Search for the Wipe cache option there, where it can be found.
  • By selecting the option, the cache will be cleared.
  • Now attempt to restart the game.

PUBG New State's cache should be cleared
PUBG New State

Note: that depending on your Android smartphone, the cache-clearing option looks different. It won't matter if you accidentally delete the full game storage. To guarantee the game runs smoothly, make sure to remove at least one from the cache or storage.

3. Reinstall the Google Play Store version of PUBG New State

After following all of the aforementioned instructions, the best course of action is to reinstall PUBG through the Google Play Store. This may arise as a result of network-related problems or corruption that occurred during the initial download. Remove the app from your phone and reinstall PUBG New State from the Play Store if this is the case.

It should be noted that KRAFTON, the game's publisher, makes it very clear that installing PUBG New Six from unofficial sources is not permitted. The game will repeatedly shut itself down and crash if it discovers that it was not downloaded through the Google Play Store.

4. Verify the essential specifications for operation

The minimum system requirements for PUBG New State are 2 GB of RAM and Android 6.0 or later. Even if you are able to install the game on your phone, it won't work if your device doesn't match this need.

This was a brief guide on how to resolve the New State Crash in PUBG Mobile. Have you played the newest game yet? Please share your gameplay experiences with PUBG New State in the comments box below the post.

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