What Wikipedia Knowledge do You Have?

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What Wikipedia Knowledge Do You Have?

What Do You Know About Wikipedia?

Do you need to compose a scientific research paper? Are you searching the Internet for a certain piece of information? Wikipedia, a free online encyclopaedia that is consistently among the top search results, is the only site to consider. You may get the information and articles you need on Wikipedia in any language by conducting a search.


A free online encyclopaedia One of the most well-known websites is Wikipedia. Under some restrictions, anybody can post information and articles about anything on the site, and you can easily edit some entries.

It is a digital encyclopaedia that is free of charge and multilingual. Everyone may update it without ever having to register on the website, and anyone can use all of the contents that have been published there for free, even if that benefit is just intended for them. According to encyclopaedia licencing, there are 303 copies on Wikipedia in many different languages for profit, commercial, or any other purpose.

There are 4,485 active writers who have written more than 945,273 articles in the Arabic language on Wikipedia, and each day, thousands of people from across the world make many modifications and add several new entries.

To operate within open, inclusive, diverse, accurate, and unbiased encyclopaedia projects in which everyone can contribute, Wikipedia may be defined as a sizable, multilingual collaborative effort that contains numerous wikis, which are articles in more than 300 different languages.

Birth of Wikipedia

After its introduction in 2001, Wikipedia swiftly gained popularity and grew to become one of the most popular websites on the Internet. The Arabic translation of Wikipedia started in July 2003.

Although the policies of Wikipedia continue to form and grow, some Wikipedians or publishers feel that writing these rules and policies is not something that can cover all the diversity of behaviours. Wikipedia has established some guidelines and policies to help its volunteers work in it. Some of these policies have been agreed upon and settled long ago, while others are still being formed.

The editors who work on Wikipedia do it with the best of intentions and with the objective of contributing to a sizable, impartial encyclopaedia project. You may always contribute to the expansion of the Wikipedia universe by writing, editing, adding new entries, and modifying. You can find out all of this information in Wikipedia's help section.

Editors of Wikipedia

Anyone can edit pages on Wikipedia, with the exception of some private pages that are protected, and there are no requirements for participation. You can find editors of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds there. To edit a page, just click (Edit this page), which is located at the top of every Wikipedia page, with the exception of some private pages that are protected. Any contribution from anyone attached with attribution to a page can be edited.

The strength of Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia, lies in its content management system, known as mediaWiki, where there is no restriction when adding information or improving information. There are many contributors and editors in Wikipedia who can assist you and correct in your contributions, if you want. begin modifying Wikipedia All you need to do is begin editing Arabic Wikipedia, select a subject to write about, and if you still can't find one, check out the suggested subjects page.

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