YouTuber Technoblade, Who Specialised in Minecraft, Has Passed Away

YouTuber Technoblade, Who Specialised in Minecraft, Has Passed Away


One of the masters of Minecraft on YouTube, Technoblade, just passed away from cancer, and he left a final letter for his fans.

YouTuber Technoblade, Who Specialised in Minecraft, Has Passed Away

In a video posted on June 30, 2022, Technoblade's father said that he had passed away from cancer metastases.

After expressing discomfort and swelling in his right arm in August 2021, Technoblade stated that he had been given a sarcoma diagnosis. He had a limb salvage procedure to save his right arm after chemotherapy and radiation therapy failed to work.

Regrettably, his disease spread, and he died sometime in June 2022. Only 23 years old, he.

Technoblade's father disclosed that his son's true name was Alex and read a letter he penned only eight hours before he passed away in the video titled "no long nerds."

  • Hello everyone, this is Technoblade. I'm dead if you're seeing this. So let's have a seat and talk one last time.
  • I'm Alex, in real life. In a lost video from 2016, I confessed to having one of my siblings call me Dave once. It was one of our best-ever practical jokes.
  • Numerous strange internet guys seeking to engage in excessively intimate conversation by asking, "Oh hi, Dave, how's it going?"
  • We apologise for having sold out so frequently over the last year, but we appreciate everyone who purchased sweatshirts, plushies, and channel subscriptions. My siblings will be attending college!
  • If they so choose. I don't want to subject them to any peer pressure over my dead sibling. But I'm out of here now.
  • I appreciate your continued support of my writing throughout the years. The happiest years of my life were when I was Technoblade, thus if I had an additional 100 lives, I believe I would choose to be that character each and every time.
  • I sincerely hope you all liked what I had to say and that I made some of you chuckle. And because I adore you guys, I wish for everyone of you to live long, wealthy lives filled with joy. Cut the technoblade.

YouTuber Technoblade, Who Specialised in Minecraft, Has Passed Away

His Parents' Works Are For Technoblade Fans

I can only guess how they must feel because I'm a parent. Never should a parent be forced to bury their kid. I won't hide the fact that I sobbed during the entire video.

It is so understandable why his father had to fight back tears as he described how Alex struggled to say his final words. In the end, they decided against filming the intended surprise, so he requested that his father read the letter instead.

However, Technoblade struggled to write it, and in the end, his father knelt down and admonished him to finish it now rather than waiting for things to improve. On his father's laptop at that time, Technoblade penned his parting message to his supporters. After eight hours, Alex expired.

  • He was the most incredible child a person could ever hope to have. I long for Technoblade. All of you are appreciated for everything. He really valued you.

YouTuber Technoblade, Who Specialised in Minecraft, Has Passed Away

A note from Technoblade's mother appeared at the end of the video.

The Technoblade family wanted you all to understand how much he loved and valued his fans and peers.

In order to entertain and reward his audience, Technoblade has always planned ahead. He has given away online prizes, promoted good sportsmanship, and, most importantly, shared his hilarious Minecraft escapades.

He nevertheless kept his good-natured modesty even after his ultimate accomplishments, contending with a charming mix between his assurance and self-deprecating humour. We beg you to respect his request to safeguard his and his family's privacy in keeping with his efforts to shun personal prominence and maintain anonymity.

For our son, who was fighting stage 4 cancer, the past year has been filled with many difficult moments. He realised the odds were nearly insurmountable, yet he didn't complain and kept trying to defeat them with his renowned strategic thinking. The bravery of my son on this journey served as a bright example for those of us who had the honour of walking it with him. I appreciate you sharing his experience as he worked hard to please his devoted followers throughout it all.

I can only offer Alex's family my sincere sympathies. May their memories of Alex and how he affected so many people's lives help them to cope with their loss.

Even though he passed away too young, he will always be remembered. Technoblade, as they say, never expires!

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