3 Ways to Track WhatsApp calls

3 Ways to Track WhatsApp calls


Explain the top 3 ways to track WhatsApp calls

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are two instant messaging applications owned by Meta. While Messenger is designed for Facebook users, WhatsApp is more personal and relies on your phone number.

This is the only reason why WhatsApp is more popular than Facebook Messenger and offers better features. You have different communication options in WhatsApp. Where you can communicate via chat, audio and video calls, participate in group chats/calls, etc.

You can make an unlimited number of WhatsApp calls and it's completely free. The only thing required to start voice and video calls on WhatsApp is an active internet connection.

If everyone in your house uses WhatsApp to communicate, you may want to track WhatsApp calls at some point. You may have children who are using WhatsApp and want to track their WhatsApp calls for safety purposes.

Can WhatsApp calls be tracked?

It is impossible to track WhatsApp calls and since the calls are encrypted, you cannot spy on live calls. However, there are workarounds that allow you to check the contact history of the concerned person.

WhatsApp has a dedicated calls section where it shows you the call history. WhatsApp call history shows you every incoming and outgoing WhatsApp call with your number.

WhatsApp call tracking explained

There is no way to track WhatsApp calls, but some spy apps offer WhatsApp call tracking features.

You need to add your WhatsApp account to the spy apps. After adding, you can view the call history.

But it is not recommended to track WhatsApp calls with malicious intent. Here are the best ways to track WhatsApp calls.

Warning: We do not recommend tracking WhatsApp calls because it is unethical. But, if you are a parent, you can track your child's calls to improve them if needed. So, use this information for the right goals and don't misuse it.

1- Use a spy program

Highly useful spyware or parental control software; They not only track the location of the phone but also give you the WhatsApp call history.

Not every parental control app provides WhatsApp call history. So, check out its features before purchasing.

However, the problem with spyware is that it needs to be installed on the target phone, which can be difficult.

After installation, you need to enable WhatsApp call recording. The spying/parental control app runs silently in the background and sends notifications when the target makes or receives a WhatsApp call.

2- Get a backup of WhatsApp

Let's say someone uses Google Drive to save backup files. If you can access its backup files, then you can easily access the WhatsApp call history.

Similarly, if the person in question is using iOS and you are using iCloud credentials, you can access their iCloud account and find the most recent backup.

The WhatsApp backup may contain your WhatsApp call logs. If you want to track your child's WhatsApp call history, you can check the WhatsApp backup files.

3- Verify their WhatsApp account

As we all know, the latest version of WhatsApp shows a separate contacts tab on the home screen. If you can access the target's smartphone, you can open their WhatsApp and can switch to the contacts tab.

The Calls tab displays all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp calls. This is the easiest way to track WhatsApp calls on Android and iOS. You can scroll through the list of WhatsApp contacts and tap on any particular record.

Doing so will provide more details about the selected calls, such as duration, internet usage capacity, etc.

This guide was on how to track WhatsApp calls in easy steps. If you know another way to track WhatsApp calls, let us know in the comments.

We hope this article was helpful to you on Best Ways to Track WhatsApp Calls. Share your opinion and experience in the comments. Also, if the article helped you, share it with your friends.


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