Learn About The Scientific Explanation For The Reason For Walking During Sleep

Learn About The Scientific Explanation For The Reason For Walking During Sleep
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Sleepwalking is a common disorder among children, especially of school age, and a person who walks during sleep walks or makes other movements that appear purposeful, and this occurs in the case of partial awakening from deep sleep, and contrary to popular belief, sleepers do not represent their dreams of walking, and sleepwalking does not occur during sleep. In the stage of dreaming sleep .

And according to a report by Harvard Health  , sleepwalking is frequent and more common in boys and is often associated with bedwetting during the night.

Q: What does sleepwalking mean?

Sleepwalking is a disorder that causes people to do things while they sleep, meaning the person is unaware of their actions .

Q: Is this condition worrying?

Sleepwalking is harmless, however in some cases a person may perform tasks that could endanger their life and the lives of others .

Q: What are the causes of sleep walking?

There are many reasons why sleepwalking can be genetic or due to several underlying health conditions .

Extreme tiredness: When our body is very tired it can become restless and sleepwalking and other sleep disturbances can arise from extreme tiredness .

Stress and anxiety: A stressed person may be more likely to sleepwalk, believing that he or she is mentally exhausted .

Lack of sleep: Long hours of sleep deprivation and erratic sleep patterns can also lead to sleepwalking .

Sleep apnea: Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which breathing stops and starts constantly. This can lead to sleepwalking as well .

Medications: Some sleep medications can also cause people to sleepwalk .


Q: How to recognize that a person is walking while sleeping

If the person is sleepwalking they are less likely to respond to you or your questions, even though their eyes will be wide open .

Q: What are the ways to treat sleepwalking?

In order to treat sleepwalking, one must consult a doctor and understand the specific cause behind it .


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