Download iDevice Manager 2022 For PC For Free

Download iDevice Manager 2022 For PC For Free
Download iDevice Manager 2022


iDevice Manager is a great alternative to iTunes, which provides a service to sync and link iPhone and iPad with your computer and allows you to comprehensively manage the files and data stored on your device and through it you can perform many operations, including backing up files and transferring them from your phone to the hard disk at high speed.

The application contains a special browser for the videos and photos that you captured with the phone’s camera, and you can quickly transfer media to your computer and vice versa, that is, transfer files from the computer to the device. The application provides all the definitions needed by your system so that it can identify the connected device through the USB cable.

It is worth noting that the iDevice Manager program includes a great feature, which is to convert the images that your phone captures, as the formats in which the images are saved are not supported on Windows, and therefore the feature will benefit you greatly in converting between formats.

Download iDevice Manager 2022

The application also contains the feature of making telephone rings, based on cutting a specific part of the audio file, and then transferring the ringtone to your phone and setting it to listen to it during phone calls and video calls.

Moreover, iDevice Manager includes a practical browser for all files so that stored folders can be browsed, viewed and transferred to the hard disk.

Features of iDevice Manager

  • Helps back up stored files.
  • Great speed in transferring data to and from the phone.
  • It offers you a special browser for all kinds of files and folders.
  • Create musical ringtones and set them as your phone's ringtone.
  • It has a professional gallery of photos and videos.
  • Transfer voice notes from the icon or the iPad.

Information about iDevice Manager

Software version:
Program size:60.2 MB
Publisher:Software4u .
Program compatibility:Windows 7/8.1/10

Download  iDevice Manager


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