Download Viber 2022 Desktop For PC Latest Version

Download Viber 2022 Desktop For PC Latest Version
Download Viber 2022


Viber 2022 is a way to make voice and video conversations and guarantees high quality during communication. You can also make instant text messaging with your friends and family via the Internet, as it supports various types of 3G/4G Wi-Fi connections. The program is similar in its services to well-known communication programs such as Skype, WhatsApp Messenger and others, Using the program is very smooth. It is enough to create a new account using your phone number and your own name, and then you can communicate with everyone who has a Viber account.

The application has become very popular around the world, as millions of users have used it and found in it all the appropriate conditions to create high-quality conversations using the camera and microphone. In addition to its support for various operating platforms such as Android, computer and iPhone, the program allows you to create groups and interact with more than 100 people Within the group this helps in exchanging experiences and experiences and speaking on topics of common interest.

Download Viber 2022 Desktop For PC Latest Version

Through the Viber 2022 program, besides conversations, you can exchange files such as photos, documents and videos seamlessly with different users. The program appeared for the first time in 2010 since then and is in continuous development to meet the growing needs of the user, as it initially supported Android systems only to expand the scope of its support and include various types Systems, the application is free and can be used without restrictions so that it does not cost you to pay additional fees for calls.

Download Viber 2022 Desktop For PC Latest Version

Moreover, the application provides the ability to make phone calls to various phones around the world, but not for free, by paying cheap prices compared to communication companies, where the price varies according to the country you are calling to, adding users is very easy so that you can use your phone contacts to reach users For those who have a Viber account, another advantage of the program is that you can sync your account on different devices in a very smooth way.

Features of Viber for PC Features Viber Desktop

  • Have text or video chats with friends and family.
  • Ensure high quality in making video calls.
  • Use of various types of Wi-Fi 4G/3G connections.
  • Share files such as photos, documents, and videos.
  • Communicate with more than 100 users within groups.
  • Make phone calls to different parts of the world for cheap fees.
  • Synchronize your account across different devices where the program is installed.
  • Ease of creating an account with your phone number.
  • An elegant graphic interface that ensures a smooth transition between application functions.

Information about Viber for PC Viber Desktop

Software version:
Program size:102 MB
Publisher:Viber Media Inc.
Program compatibility:Windows XP/7/8/10

Download Viber 2022 Desktop For PC Latest Version


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