Steps To Download Windows 11 And How To Operate


Steps To Download Windows 11 And How To Operate
Steps To Download Windows 11 And How To Operate

Many users of the original copies of Microsoft are looking for the new version of Windows 11, which had a major role in distinguishing itself from Windows 10.

Microsoft announced that at the beginning of this October, this latest version will be announced, according to the statements of the BGR technical website.

In this article, we will provide the most important steps for downloading Windows 11, and we will tell you how to run it in the easiest way as well.

Steps To Download Windows 11 And How To Operate

Even this latest version, users of Windows devices can get a free trial by downloading it on their device.

The Steps for Downloading Windows 11 For The Year 2021 Are As Follows:


  • The user's computer must be compatible with the new update windows 11 as it may be a major hindrance in case of downloading the new version.


  • After the process of confirming the compatibility between the computer and the new update Windows 11, the user must register with the windows insider program.
  • Then the new update for the registered persons who have been selected by the company at the present time.


  • After registering and joining the windows insider program, we move to the settings on the computer used.
  • Then we go to Update and Security and the user connects his Microsoft account.


  • It will prompt the user to choose his/her insider settings. The user has to select release preview and confirm.
  • Then agree to the terms and reset the user's computer.
  • After coming back again a banner will appear about the modern version windows11 the user presses download and install.


  • After the update process is completed, the user can stay in the final version of Windows 11. The user presses to stop obtaining the preview version through windows update. This step is important because it prevents Microsoft from pushing any old version of future updates to the user’s device running Windows 11.


  • The final stage of the process of downloading and installing the version for Windows 11, we go to the version download page and click on the windows 11 installation assistant.
  • Then we click on download and the user follows the instructions.
  • Create Windows 11 installation media on DVD or via USB.
  • Then we follow the instructions and most importantly the compatibility of the user's device to install Windows 11.