What is The Name of The Little Tiger?

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Description: little tiger name The baby tiger in the Arabic language is called al- Fazir , which means the son of the tiger, and the name al-Fazara is called the
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What is The Name of The Little Tiger
What is The Name of The Little Tiger?

little tiger name 

The baby tiger in the Arabic language is called al- Fazir , which means the son of the tiger, and the name al-Fazara is called the female tiger, and the baby tiger is called in English ( cub ), which means a cub, and she may give birth. Females, including 2-3 cubs, are raised and trained for two years. little tiger traits 

The characteristics of the baby tiger are divided into formal traits and behavioral traits, and the following is a detail for each of them:

Baby tiger physical traits 

The baby tiger is characterized by a set of formal characteristics, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • A young tiger is born blind, completely dependent on its mother, and its eyes open after a period of time ranging between (6 - 12) days, and its vision is not complete until a few weeks pass.
  • At birth, a baby tiger weighs between (785 - 1610) g.

Behavioral traits of a small tiger

There are a number of behavioral characteristics of a young tiger, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • Tigers are active during the night, and less active in the middle of the day.
  • Tigers use their bristle tongue to remove loose hair and dirt from their body coverings, a process called grooming.
  • Young tigers use water to cool their bodies.
  • Young tigers insist on hunting prey, after the mother teaches her the correct hunting mechanism.
  • Young tigers have the ability to swim, cross lakes and rivers.
  • Baby tigers are social creatures with predators such as; Cheetah, Asian wild dog, brown bear, and wolf.
  • When tigers reach the control of the territory by using patrols of tigers.
  • The female is one of the most desirable resources for males upon puberty.
  • Aggression between males or females increases depending on the density of tigers in a particular area, due to the presence of social unrest, competition for food resources, and opportunities for mating.
  • Tigers, having reached their native land, occupy areas.

Mother's care of a baby tiger 

The female tiger takes care of her young from the moment of birth , and she is very careful in their care and protection, so she moves her young if there is a disturbance in the area, and when there is a threat from predation, and it is the mother’s responsibility to protect and care for the young in the first months of her life, approximately 70% of her time, and leaves her For a short time when drinking water and fishing.

The mother breastfeeds her young, and when the young tiger reaches a month, she spends 30% of her time in that, and the mother must increase the amount of her food by 50% to generate milk, and help the mother in the digestion process of her young and facilitate their bowel movements by using licking, and she eats the droppings of her young until Protect them from predators.

When about eight weeks have passed, the young tiger begins to rely on itself for food, and is weaned at the age of six months, and the young tiger participates with its mother in the hunting process when it reaches the age of ten months, so the mother teaches her young how to hunt, and how to protect himself.

The mother plays with her little one until the age of 15 months; In order to develop useful life skills for him such as; Chasing, jumping, hitting, climbing, and eventually the baby tiger is separated from its mother when it reaches two years of age.

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