Solve The Issue Face ID Not Working?


Solve The Issue Face ID Not Working?
 Solve The Issue Face ID Not Working?

The Face ID function on iPhones does not always work, and here's why. Although you will be able to unlock the screen with a password, you want the facial recognition feature to be more effective, and we can assist you with that.

Face ID isn't Working Correctly

Although many Android phones now have a facial recognition capability, Face ID on the iPhone is seen as more professional because it works at night and can recognise the face properly, even if it has cosmetic tools for ladies or the ability to raise a beard for males.

However, the technology is not perfect, which means it may not always work with you and may have issues. Let's see what we can do about that.

Cleaning The Front Camera

The iPhone's front camera is located at the upper bar of the screen, where the notch and the screen in general for mobile phones are susceptible to grime.

When you make phone conversations and place your ear close to the phone on the side of the headset next to the front camera, the screen may sweat.

Additionally, repeated screen touching, particularly by young children, may cause the front camera to become dusty.

The top notch of iPhone phones houses not just the front camera, but also sensors for detecting infrared rays, determining the depth of field in an image, unlocking the screen, and other functions.

All you have to do is start cleaning the iPhone screen and the front camera with a small piece of cloth, and if it comes with a screen cleaning solution, that's OK.

If you use a screen protector, be sure it doesn't have any holes or breaks in the iPhone's front camera region.

When taking a selfie, this strategy is also quite useful.

Face ID Needs to Be Re-Registered

The first method may not be sufficient; if you clean the screen and front camera and that's it, there's no problem; however, in most cases, the problem is more serious, as you may not be able to capture your face in the Face ID feature sufficiently or to the extent required, in which case you'll need to Reset your face.

If you've recently changed your appearance, such as shaved your beard or changed your hairstyle, the front camera may not recognise you. In this case, you'll need to re-enable Face ID.

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Then select the Face ID option.
  • To validate your ownership of the phone, you will be required to enter the password.
  • Then, to reset the face, click on the "Set Up an Alternative Appearance" icon.
  • After that, begin photographing yourself from all angles in respect to your face.

Portrait Mode Not Working

Based on the previous two ways, it is anticipated that the Face ID issue has been rectified; however, if this persists, it suggests that there is a problem with the front camera itself, which you must test in order to detect.

A so-called "dot display device" is located in the front camera and is responsible for running this technology. There may be damage here, which occurs when a strong collision occurs with anything substantial.

Go to the camera app, then to the front camera, where you may select the focal length portrait mode. If you are unable to isolate the background using this mode, it is likely that there is an issue with the mode itself.

If the phone is still under warranty, you should contact the agency to resolve the issue; we do not recommend relying on external maintenance shops in this situation.

Additional Solutions to The Problem of Face ID

You can also refer to some more solutions to assist you with the issue.

If you have an Apple Watch that is connected to your iPhone, you can use it to activate Face ID.

According to some experts, more than 80% of technical hardware problems can be repaired by rebooting the phone, and this problem may be resolved if you do the same.

To avoid being embarrassed in front of others when you unlock the lock screen, we recommend temporarily disabling Face ID and simply using the password.

Another option is to format the iPhone, but make sure you back up all of your crucial data first.

How to Use The Apple Watch to Unlock The iPhone Lock Screen

If you have an Apple Watch, you can use it to activate the iPhone lock screen unlock feature and utilise it afterwards. The process of activation is as follows:

  • On your iPhone, go to the Settings app.
  • Then select the Face ID option.
  • Please enter your password.
  • Activate the Apple Watch option that appears.
  • You must accept to a pop-up that confirms the activation of the Apple Watch to unlock the screen.

And you can now use the Apple Watch to unlock the iPhone lock screen if you want to. It will not fix the Face ID problem on the iPhone, but it will remove the shame of using the technology on the phone in front of others, and it will not function with you successfully.


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