While You're at Home, Travel The Globe

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Description: Home-Based Tourism The technological revolution has not prevented man from roaming around the world and exploring it from the comfort of his own hom
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While You're at Home, Travel The Globe
VR 360

Home-Based Tourism

The technological revolution has not prevented man from roaming around the world and exploring it from the comfort of his own home; it has become possible for everyone to travel and travel without spending a fortune or even having to go through the hassle of travelling, as virtual tour services make visiting the world's natural wonders and roaming around squares, restaurants, and museums simple, and it is worth noting that Google provided its users with a golden opportunity to lau . Google was not the first to create a virtual tour service with a 360-degree camera, and while it was not the first, it was the pioneer, and it has reviewed a group of places that provide the feature of virtual street view through its sites, and in this article, we will delve into virtual street view to ensure that you reach your beloved destination.

Learn more Street View

Street View is a service that allows you to travel between geographical areas using interactive movies and photographs that allow you to see the location from every perspective as if you were there. Cameras, specialised software, and effective instruments for capturing the scenario are all integrated and unique, resulting in a visually stunning end product. The secret is in the virtual tour, which gives the individual the feeling of being in the place through video or photos; when experiencing the experience, borders and distances subconsciously vanish, so the visitor feels like he is truly in the centre of the scene and imagines situations and scenes from the heart of the event.

Virtual Street View's Advantages

Many restrictions and circumstances prevent you from travelling, tourism, or roaming, therefore virtual roaming is an excellent solution. Here are some of the most essential advantages of adopting virtual roaming:

  • Freedom from country borders and the complexities of travel and travel, allowing you to continue exploring the locations you choose to visit at your leisure.
  • View and navigate the site in high-definition 360-degree views.
  • Create an unforgettable Street View experience.
  • Being apart from others by taking virtual tours and learning about the subtleties of the sites.
  • Remove tourism roadblocks and difficulties that tourist locations encounter due to poor tourist welcome.
  • Even if you can't travel, make your travel wish come true.
  • Allow your imagination to run wild by imagining yourself at the place.

Travel The World Without Ever Leaving Your House

The following are the most essential applications that allow you to move about and navigate without ever having to leave your house:

  • AccorHotels for Cardboard: If you're looking for a cheap hotel in London, Paris, or Sao Paulo, this app is for you. You can easily travel between rooms and read their details, and it works on both Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Ascape Virtual Travel & 360 Video: This software takes you on fascinating adventures through archaeological sites such as Petra in Jordan, New York's towers, the Hawaiian Islands, and more.
  • Discovery VR: transports you from land to sea in virtual reality. If you are a scuba diver, you may find it impossible to replicate this experience in real life. So go virtual with big sharks and swim in the dangerous and scary waters of caves, but don't forget to put on your virtual reality headphones beforehand to fully immerse yourself.
  • Jaunt VR: This app caters to fans of the fast lane; it transports you to concerts and worldwide performances where you may attend concerts by international artists and celebrities for free, and you can end the party and travel to any other site regardless of its geographical location.
  • Google's Street View application: This application allows you to effortlessly enjoy Street View, which is a virtual representation of everything that surrounds you in this world. This software draws photos and videos from Google and photo contributors, as collective efforts come together to provide comments and provide evidence of personal experience to inspire actual exploration, and it also includes a suite of pre-configured and easy Street View capabilities.
  • Virtual tour App: One of the world's leading companies in creating and launching interactive virtual tours around the world via mobile applications, where you can get a virtual tour with integrated service (HDR/HD) (360 * 360), and the tour leaves a distinct character for you mixed with sounds, music, and multimedia that truly puts you in the heart of the site.

Virtually Visitable Locations

Visit the world's most iconic monuments and never stop travelling; we'll even offer some spots you can visit virtually:

  • In Paris, the Eiffel Tower.
  • Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple complex.
  • In India, the Taj Mahal.
  • Jordan's Petra, the pink city.
  • In Rome, the Flavian Amphitheater.
  • Egypt's Giza pyramids.
  • Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.


You must have grown tired of sitting at home during the last few months as a result of the Corona virus problem, idleness, and boredom spreading around the world; However, you may still avoid boredom and boredom by taking a virtual journey around the world while at home, and this trip will not cost you anything, and you will not be concerned about the risk of transmission as a result of contact; So, when you're at home, use virtual tourism applications to travel the world and offer delight to yourself and your family.

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