Realme 8 Pro Review - Is This A Realme Flagship?

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Description: The Realme 8 Pro mobile is the most powerful mobile currently in the Realme 8 series.. The mobile in general is more interested in that it offers you
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Realme 8 Pro Review - Is This A Realme Flagship?


The Realme 8 Pro mobile is the most powerful mobile currently in the Realme 8 series.. The mobile in general is more interested in that it offers you the most powerful cameras in the middle class with a 108 megapixel rear camera.. In the Realme 8 Pro review today, we will know if this mobile really offers the most powerful cameras in the middle class nor not? And did the development of cameras let us see concessions on Realme 7 Pro or not!

the design 

Its design is completely plastic..but the back is matte and sanded like OPPO mobiles like it is much better, of course, in fingerprints and scratches than the regular Realme 8 (the one that gets fingerprints). Its shape is not nice.

The rear camera is slightly protruding from the back..but it is reasonable and the case covers the protrusion..and the mobile weighs 176 grams and is 8.1 mm thick, so it is excellent for use with one hand.

the screen 

The screen is exactly the same as the regular Realme 8 screen.. a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen with FHD + resolution, supporting HDR10 and a frequency of 60 Hz.

Here, I am surprised and say, How does Oppo offer Reno 5 with an AMOLED screen and a refresh rate of 90 Hz, and Realme offers only 60 Hz.. A clear weakness frankly in the Realme 8 Pro.

The color quality of the screen here is excellent, there are no problems.. and the bottom edge here is large, the brightness of the screen is very excellent when it is under the sun and you will not find any problems with it.

the performance :-

Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G with 8 nano technology .. the same processor as the Galaxy A52 and Reno5 4G and was used in Realme 7 Pro and Realme 6 Pro .. the most famous and oldest middle class processor.

Nothing is completely new.. an old processor is not the best thing at all.. which is the lowest Yadoub processor that runs the operating system reasonably in the middle class.. I hope next year companies forget this processor at all.

When I used the Renault 5 next to the Realme 8 Pro, I felt the Renault 5 was faster and smoother to use.. and the A52 was the same in response.. and the issue of higher frequency really makes a difference in daily use.. and it is not nice that it is not found in a mobile in this category because of the cameras.

You expect the strongest graphic performance.. High HD.. Call of Duty Very High.. The game performance is reasonable, but it is noticeable that the device has very little heat.. less than the regular Realme 8 with a huge difference.. On the other hand, Realme does not use this mobile for games.. the mobile This is normal for cameras.

Safety and other factors:

The fingerprint is under the screen.. it is fast and there are no problems.. The Face Unlock is excellent, there are no problems.. It supports the Always On Display to display notifications on the screen when it is locked.

The mobile runs the Android 11 operating system with the latest interface from Realme.. Unfortunately, the mobile does not have NFC and I don't know how!

The sound of the mobile Mono is not a stereo, like the Realme 7 Pro that was lost.. I do not know why Realme did not offer a stereo headset in the mobile at this price!

The proximity sensor responsible for locking the screen and the mobile on your ear while you are making a call works efficiently in Realme 8 Pro, and the mobile supports call recording, but it says in the call that you are recording.

As for the communication networks, the Wi-Fi network is very excellent in the mobile phone, so I am not worried about it at all.

the battery 

The battery here has a size of 4500 mAh and its performance is respectable within 8 hours. The screen is open at a very good time.

The 65W included charger actually charges 50W , but because of safety considerations.. The actual charging time is about an hour, except for a quarter of an hour, like the Renault 5.. It's better than Xiaomi phones .. It's perfect and there is not much difference in real time, 65 watts from 50 watts!


The camera remains.. the point where you can buy Realme 8 Pro because of it.. a main rear camera of 108 mega-pixels with F / 1.9 lens slot, the second 8 mega pixel camera with a wide shooter with F / 2.3 lens slot, the third 2 mega-pixels macro, and the fourth 2 mega-pixels isolate … and the selfie is 16 Megapixel F/2.5 aperture.

The last thing I tried in the 8 Pro was the cameras.. To be honest, I was very excited.. The camera in the Realme 8 Pro is very powerful and can compete in terms of colors, processing and details.

I compared it to the Redmi Note 10 Pro, which comes with the same 108-megapixel rear camera sensor, but it is different.. I found Realme very, very superior in most of the results of the photos.. The pictures feel like they come out of Realme, processed and ready, and you don't need to modify them, unlike Xiaomi photos.

This is different from the Night Mode, which very clearly shows the power of Realme in details and colors, which was able to easily win a Xiaomi camera.. I can tell you that Realme 8 Pro comes with the best 108 megapixel camera in the middle class until now.

The selfie is very reasonable, it is not changed.. the usual selfie from Realme and Oppo.. it softens the skin a little, but most of the time the pictures are well processed.. and when the lighting decreases, you will be able to take reasonable pictures.

As for shooting videos, the mobile supports shooting videos at 4K with 30 frames per second.. But unfortunately, there is no electronic stability on the quality of 4K, and the quality must be lowered to 1080p in order to take electronic stability.. The mobile has an additional microphone to isolate noise, and it has an Ai Highlight Video mode to improve video colors.

Realme 8 Pro price:

128 GB version with 8 GB RAM at 5690 EGP جن

It is beneficial to install two 4G SIM cards with a 512GB memory card at the same time.

realme 8 pro price

Final opinion:

Realme 8 Pro Features:

Excellent 108MP rear camera

Very good selfie camera

Super AMOLED display has excellent colors

The software is stable without problems

Reasonable performance battery with 50W fast charging

Mobile networks are very powerful

The proximity sensor responsible for locking the screen during calls is excellent

Realme 8 Pro disadvantages:

Mono sound is normal, not stereo

Uncompetitive price

Relatively weak processor

60Hz refresh rate only for the screen

No NFC sensor

It is not a radical development compared to the Realme 7 Pro, other than the main rear camera

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