How Do I Open WhatsApp Web On Mobile?

How Do I Open WhatsApp Web On Mobile?

How can I open WhatsApp Web from my mobile phone, and is it one of the important services provided by Facebook, the owner of the WhatsApp application, in order to facilitate the access of all users to the application on the web, away from using the application in electronic form, as WhatsApp Web provides a large number of important functions with ease Great in use, which saves time and effort for all users, and through the next article we will talk about ways to open WhatsApp Web from mobile.

How do I open WhatsApp Web on mobile?

WhatsApp Web is the perfect alternative for all the people who want to use WhatsApp on the computer or in the browser instead of using it on the mobile phone. Interact with the mobile application. WhatsApp is used on a PC or laptop, apart from the mobile phone, which remains in use for long periods of time. The service also makes it easier to share files, photos, and information faster than mobile sharing.

WhatsApp Web Features

WhatsApp Web is one of the services that brings many important benefits to all users, helping them to achieve impressive successes in a record period. Among the features provided by the service:

Share all information and files via computer or laptop. Use the traditional chat features in the app. Ease of use of the service.

How to use WhatsApp Web

All users of the WhatsApp application around the world are looking for the best way to use the WhatsApp Web service properly, without any problem and make conversations, and the service can be used by following the following:

First, open your browser on your computer and then go to the following link “From Here”. Go to the WhatsApp mobile app, then tap Menu > WhatsApp Web to launch Quick Answer Reader. "QR code reader". The mobile phone camera points to the QR code reader on the computer screen. Within seconds, WhatsApp will work on your computer, how can I open WhatsApp Web on my mobile?

In addition to your previous work on your computer and laptop, the WhatsApp Web service has been made available on the mobile phone, where you can activate the service on the mobile phone by following the following:

Initially, the WhatsApp web application is downloaded to the mobile phone “from here”. Open the application on the mobile phone and it will show you the barcode of the application. Open the other phone that has the WhatsApp account and tap on the three dots. Click on WhatsApp Web to open a window and click Done to open the phone's camera. The camera points to the visible barcode of WhatsApp Web. The mobile will start scanning and then WhatsApp Web will work.

At the end we bring you to the conclusion of the article on how to open WhatsApp Web from a mobile phone; Through it we have provided all the information about the operation of WhatsApp Web.

How to open WhatsApp Web from WhatsApp Web Mobile Features