What is A Disease That Affects The Chest?

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Description: A disease that affects the chest which contains the lungs, which is generally the respiratory system, where the breathing process is one of the import
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What is A Disease That Affects The Chest?

A disease that affects the chest which contains the lungs, which is generally the respiratory system, where the breathing process is one of the important vital processes within the human body. You do this voluntarily. There are many patients who suffer from difficulty and apnea often, so in this article, Since Few provides you with a guide on chest diseases.

Disease That Affects The Chest

Chest diseases, in general, are those diseases that do not make a person perform the natural process of breathing, which he repeats several times per second. Therefore, the respiratory system does not suffer from one disease only, but rather several diseases, which are divided into:

Diseases of the airways, which are those diseases that affect the tubes through which oxygen travels until it reaches the lungs and even leaves them. These tubes are called the bronchi. These diseases include:

  • Obstructive pulmonary disease in which it is difficult for oxygen to leave the chest.
  • Bronchitis Inflammation is considered one of the most difficult diseases because being silent about it makes it more advanced and may be the cause of many other diseases, but it is a temporary disease that comes due to infection with certain germs and bacteria, and we can treat it with intensive medicine.
  • Cystic fibrosis It is considered one of the chronic diseases that affect the lung, which causes severe inflammation of the chest repeatedly and in times when chest diseases abound, due to the presence of a quantity of mucus that never goes away from the bronchi.
  • The second lung disease is damage to the lung tissue or disease. It can be infected with lung fibrosis, which makes it always infected with vesicles that prevent oxygen from reaching the blood, which makes the patient suffer from one of the types of difficulty breathing, which causes pain in the rest of the body.
  • There are lung diseases that are not considered serious, but we all get them and we may suffer from them to a large extent, the most important of which are influenza and the cold roles that we get when we are exposed to cold air in the winter and because of the change of seasons.

Is Asthma Dangerous?

If we want to identify one of the most dangerous and prevalent chest diseases known to man, we will find it as asthma, which is:

  • A constriction in the bronchi or the air passages through which oxygen passes, which makes it absorb less oxygen than it should be.
  • At first, the contraction affects breathing, but it may begin to turn into a more dangerous degree as the airways become swollen due to the body producing more mucus due to the lack of oxygen, which makes the condition more difficult and fatigue more as it is continuous with the patient Strong coughing and sounds when breathing Entering into bouts of shortness of breath continuously and suddenly.
  • Asthma sufferers should never be exposed to cold air because it worsens their condition, and they cannot perform activities that require a lot of movement because they basically suffer from lack of oxygen and shortness of breath, which makes the condition worse, but the patient may suffer an attack of shortness of breath that makes his life in Danger if not acted quickly.
  • The danger of asthma lies in the fact that it is a chronic disease that affects humans since birth and continues with it until death, and there is no way to get rid of it, but there is always a way to live normally and avoid its attacks by maintaining treatment.
  • People with asthma are those who have frequent episodes of shortness of breath, especially when moving.
  • Feeling of pain and burning in the chest area.
  • Wheezing sounds when a person begins to breathe, especially during the exhalation stage, and this symptom is the most important to ensure that children have asthma.
  • The incidence of bouts of difficulty breathing at night, which makes it difficult to sleep and a lot of painful coughing.
  • That the patient always needs rapid medical intervention in cases of shortness of breath, that is, he needs to submit to an inhaler until he is relieved before he suffocates.

Asthma Diagnosis

The truth is that shortness of breath for one time and the return of the breath as it is after rest is not considered evidence, but you will need to visit the doctor if you suffer from one or more of the previously mentioned symptoms, and there the doctor will know whether you are sick with asthma or not through:

  • Examination of the lungs, through the initial physical examination, where the doctor will begin to hear yourself to know whether it is regular or has a problem, and then begins to hear the chest area and what happens to it when breathing, because asthma patients when breathing start making rattling sounds even if they are not audible For you.
  • After that, the doctor will need to do lung function tests, which check the percentage of oxygen in the blood and know the amount of air that the lung absorbs when breathing in and out,
  • Where a normal person can breathe the amount of air inside his room in one breath if you want, meaning that your lungs can bear a lot of air that an asthma patient cannot tolerate.
  • One of the tests that you undergo in the diagnosis is the maximum speed while jogging because carrying the movement and working to complete it in a good and equal breath is something that determines the stage of your asthma and whether you are in a serious condition or you are in the beginning of the disease and there is no anxiety and the condition will not develop in the future.

Definitive Treatment of Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease, meaning that there is no cure for it forever, but the treatment is what works to improve the patient’s condition. Maintaining the treatment may make you feel as if you do not have any disease at all, and accordingly:

  • The doctor is the one who determines the appropriate treatment for your condition, because asthma in general is divided into several stages there
  • Patients with a mild and intermittent condition, meaning they have seizures at specific times of the year.
  • Those who suffer from permanent but mild cases or permanent and severe cases, and according to each of them, the treatment is determined.
  • In all cases, the dose may vary, but the treatment for asthma must contain corticosteroids, which you must inhale. Therefore, it comes in the form of a spray that contains a mist that must enter your body through the mouth because it works to expand the airways and thus reduces cases of shortness of breath You also have to keep medications that prevent allergies, in the cold seasons, as the low temperature irritates the chest, and thus the rate of asthma increases during these times.

And with this, we have learned about a disease that affects the chest in detail, and we ask everyone to be cured, and through Since Few website, you can find more information about the various diseases of the body.

Caution: Please note that information related to medicines, mixtures and prescriptions is not a substitute for visiting a specialist doctor. We never recommend taking any medication or prescription without consulting a doctor. The reader is responsible for taking it or using it for any prescription or treatment without consulting a doctor or specialist.

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