Why Should A Person Be Content?

Why Should A Person Be Content

Why should a person be content God Almighty is the Creator of man and He is the one who charted the way of his life, starting from the birth of the servant until God commands his death, so our life and our death are in the hands of God Almighty, and man must be content and be satisfied with God’s decree, and that this The attribute is considered one of the attributes most loved by God Almighty, and there are many hadiths that clarified the importance of contentment, and in this article presented to you from Since Few we will explain the answer to this existential question.

Why Should A Person Be Content?

A person must be content, and contentment is a very important matter in the Islamic religion. Islam often commands us to be content. The importance of contentment is as follows:

  • Contentment is the main source of human happiness
  • It is what makes a person feel content and more willing to obey God.
  • It is worth noting that contentment in this does not include everything that a person can change in his life, but rather it should include all things.
  • And the servant must leave everything in the custody of God Almighty.

The Difference Between Contentment and Asceticism

Speaking about contentment, people’s ideas get mixed up and some people get confused in the differentiation between asceticism and contentment, and in this paragraph we will explain to you the difference between them.

  • Contentment: It is complete contentment with something as it is, even if it is less than what a person needs.
  • Asceticism: It is the sufficiency of a few needs, and there is a fundamental difference between asceticism and contentment.

Levels of Conviction

Contentment is characterized by many levels, and contentment has three different aspects.

  • The first level: is a person’s conviction and this is regardless of what happens to him, and this rank is considered one of the highest levels of conviction.
  • The second rank: It is the rank that brings the person to the level of sufficiency, so that breakfast and the desire to increase is removed from him, and this rank is considered the middle rank in contentment.
  • The third level: Here the person is completely satisfied with the possibility of change, and here the servant is satisfied with a little and a little, and he does not hate that an increase comes to him from God Almighty and the arrangement of that rank is that it is the third in contentment.

The Effects of Conviction on The Life of The Individual and Society

Contentment carries great effects for each individual and has a great impact on society in general, and there are many positive effects of contentment, and the most important positive effects of contentment and satisfaction are as follows:

  • Contentment prevents a person from feeling envy.
  • It prevents feelings of inadequacy.
  • It promotes the values of tolerance among society.
  • Contentment frees people from feelings of guilt.
  • And protect him from a sense of remorse.
  • And increase the rate of happiness of the person and this, in turn, is reflected in society.

The Concept of Contentment

Some people need to know the concept of contentment, and contentment is a term, and it is a feature of the mind. In this paragraph we will explain to you the concept of contentment in general.

  • Contentment is one of the qualities that a person possesses.
  • And make him feel happy and psychological satisfaction.
  • It also makes a person feel accepted in society, whatever his condition.
  • It indicates a person's willingness to do something with the same content.
  • A contented person is generally satisfied with his life, regardless of what happens to him.
  • A person does not look at what others have.
  • He is satisfied only with what he has, and a contented person cannot be jealous of others.
  • In addition, the contented person is humble, respects others and appreciates their position, and also appreciates their achievements.

How Do You Gain Conviction?

This question has been asked by many people because contentment is one of the most important qualities of good morals, which a person must preserve in order to acquire it. Among the reasons that help to gain contentment are the following:

  • That the servant believes in surrendering his judgment to God Almighty.
  • And the believer's heart must not be related to sins.
  • A person must set a good example for himself, which should be sweetened with asceticism and contentment.
  • Man must strive for excellence in this wonderful creation.
  • And he should look to God's pleasure alone.
  • He should not look to someone who surpasses him in wealth and money.
  • And a person must know that life and its decision are in the hands of God Almighty.
  • It must be a lot of supplication and supplication to God.
  • And the servant must know that contentment is one of the reasons that make a person reassured and at peace of mind.
  • It is necessary for him to realize that she has great merit with God Almighty, and the servant must strive and exert whatever effort he can to attain this grace.